Notable Quotables by Porter

Porter striking some sort of pose while climbing rocks in Barkley Sound.

Porter striking some sort of pose while climbing rocks in Barkley Sound.

Not a day goes by that Porter doesn’t say or do something downright amazing, hilarious, smart, confounding or somewhat odd. So, here’s a mix of words that flow from the mind of our cruising, climbing, running, jumping, spinnaker-trimming, non-stop-talking 3-year-old…

Looking for a cereal bowl, he finds a plastic deli container and quips, “Mom, this would be great to mix epoxy in.”

I think we’ve got a future boatbuilder on our hands.

Laying in bed at night to read stories, he turns and says to Jill, “You smell good Mama, like soap.”

“Thanks, I just showered.” She replied.

His quick response, “Yeah, you smell really good like a wedding or lollipop.”

While getting dressed he says he wants to do it himself, but gets stuck. Nana (Andy’s mom) helps him out and he says, “Thanks, that’s great teamwork, Nana.”

He watches a motorcycle go by and quickly remarks, “Look Mommy, that motorcycle doesn’t have a dodger!” (No windsheild.)

While paddling home and talking about making tacos for lunch he says, “Dad, you gonna go home and crush a margarita?”

Umm … no.

“Sunday fun-day!” Regardless of the actual day of the week.

Stripping his shirt off and then throwing it he says, “Suns out, guns out!!!” in reference to his arms.

Not sure where he got that:)

While hiking, Jill made a passing a comment about not being in a rush and he remarked, “Mom, don’t say that. Rush is a bad word.”

He prefers a slow pace of life. Gotta respect that.

Checking on Porter while he’s using the bathroom, he responds: “I’m good. just sitting here looking at my book, enjoying life.”

That’s happiness right there. 

After Jill sang “Rain, rain go away.” Porter responded, “No mom, don’t say that. The rain is friendly.”

Wow, is he a Pacific Northwest kid or what?

While eating Chicago Mix popcorn on the beach, he comes up to take a handful and says, “Last handful, then I just gotta walk away. Last handful.”

Of course, he came back for many more handfuls.

“My wetsuit taught me everything I know.”

He clearly loves his wetsuit.


Walking up the park dock tonight he spies the overturned boat above on the beach and remarks, “Bummer, guess they’re not going anywhere.”

Very true.

At 3:15 a.m. he calls out from his room to Jill. When she goes in and asks what’s up, he replies with a light on overhead, “I need my sunglasses.”

“You don’t need your sunglasses, turn out the light.”

Now rockin’ the sunglasses in bed, he rolls over and says, “Much better, I love you.”

Alll – right.

After spilling water on his shirt in bed, Jill hands him her Top Pot Donuts shirt to wear instead. He puts it on, smells it and says, “Mmmm … smells like donuts.”

Except, it definitely didn’t.

Porter got a ukulele for his birthday and loves it. Unfortunately for him, he can’t pronounce ukulele. Instead, he refers to it as his “Uncle Larry.”

That made it odd tonight when he asked, “Mom, can I bring my Uncle Larry to bed with me?”

While sailing from one island to another yesterday on an awesome breeze, he turns and says to his brother, “It’s great to be back out sailing again, isn’t it Magnus?”

It had only been a few days. Love it! 

Overheard while Jill was getting the boys ready to head out this morning: “Mom, I want to go to the gym.”

“What? There is no gym on this island.” Plus, we’ve never had a membership to any gym since he was born, so how does he know this?

He proceeds to drop to the cabin sole and starts doing pushups while counting from 1 to 15.

Ohhhh, K.

Porter climbs into the cockpit today while we’re underway wearing blue flippers, navy pants, a yellow Oxford, his life jacket, a snorkeling mask and a fedora. All picked out by him. From the helm I say with a smile, “Looking good, buddy!” To which he replies, “I’m gonna jump off the boat … go swimmin'”

“No you’re not!” I respond. He sits there for a little while and then out of the blue asks, “Dad, why am I wearing flippers?”

I have no idea, buddy. No idea. But I was quite impressed that he made it up the companionway steps with them on. 

“Mom, why do you put rum in your tonic?”

Great question.

While paddling away from Yahtzee, he looks over at an anchored powerboat and says, “They must be getting ready to leave.”

“What makes you think that?” Jill asks.

“Don’t you see the water coming out?” he responds in a matter-of-fact way.

Good point, son.

While sitting on the head in the morning reading his Highlights magazine and giving us a play-by-play he said, “I got to this page and said, ‘OH BOY’!”

Approaching an anchored Yahtzee, he questions, “Hey, why don’t we have the snubber on?”

Yet another astute observation from a 3-year-old. We were waiting to let chain out as the tide rose.