What to wear for spring 2018

Florals, sequins and fringe, oh my. This was my immediate reaction after mulling over numerous images of various designers’ spring 2018 collections. What I found to be the most interesting — which is one that all of these collections shared — were the designers’ abilities to repurpose so many of fashion’s most notable and oftentimes forgotten about trends.

My grandmother — who I view as the epitome of trendiness — is a wise woman. She attributes her stylishness to the fact that she’s saved so many of her looks from past style generations. Her excuse for hoarding clothes is that, if she waits long enough, they will one day reappear on the runways.

I find this waiting game admirable because in my 20 years of life, I have seen many trends resurface. One example in particular would be the look of high waisted, distressed and loose-fitting jeans. This hot commodity of the early 90s has come back in the form of what seems to be an epidemic.

I have never before seen so many people braving their days in what I have come to call “dad jeans” and a (insert a popular name of a 90s band) t-shirt. Nostalgia is real and fashion is a shining example of it.

With that being said, here are five of the most notable and or repeated trends that I’ve identified by looking through photos taken from various designers’ spring 2018 collections.

5. Femme florals

Despite what you may have previously thought, florals have definitely made a comeback in the world of fashion this spring. I honestly can’t remember a time when floral prints weren’t a part of the majority of spring collections, but one can never be too sure. What I’m stressing here is that florals have and probably always will be included in springtime collections, which is great for those that, like myself, enjoy wearing clothing with floral accents as well as prints. Flowers tend to bloom in the springtime, so I feel that this trend is an accurate and representative one of the coming season. The major difference between spring and fall florals is that one is usually paired with pastel colors and fabrics, while the latter is paired with deeper and darker ones that compliment the coming of winter. Floral prints are a great way to incorporate femininity into an outfit as well as adding a bit of springtime freshness to it.

4. High waists

Another fashion trend that I saw continuing to be considered as being in-style were high waists. However, the waists of the garments that I saw being featured in the collections were extremely high. I’m all for a good pair of reasonably high waisted pants or a skirt that extends up onto my natural waistline, but the designs were definitely an exaggeration of this look. The idea behind high waisted bottoms are that they will help elongate the wear’s lower half and create the illusion of legs that go on for miles, so to speak. As I mentioned before, I am a fan of the high waisted look and prefer it to the dangerously low cut denim that was popularized by female celebrities during the early 2000s.

3. Sequins

The remnants from the 80s have resurfaced officially with sequins being brought back in style. Much like in the previous era, designers’ like Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs debuted heavily sequined garments. I found the incorporation of sequins in many of the designs to be excessive. However, I do like the concept that I’m assuming the designers had of creating eye-catching garments. I just would have liked to see subtler incorporations of this particular media because I feel that it would appeal to a larger audience of people that are outside of the sphere of high-fashion.

2. Fringe

Fringe is definitely another one of my favorite trends that always seems to come back in style. Some of the looks that I saw had excessive amounts of fringe, but I liked to see it come back. I’ve found that the easiest way to incorporate fringe into any outfit is with handbags. There are so many fashionable handbags that feature fringe and their availability is only going to increase now that it’s been featured in so many spring collections. My advice to you would be to be on the lookout for one that you like, to use it during the entirety of the spring season and keep it handy for the next time fringe resurfaces.

1. Lovely lavender

The color this spring has switched over from what the fashion world has dubbed millennial pink to lavender. This switch is one that I had not anticipated and, nevertheless, I welcome it. I feel like the color itself is very similar to that of pastel pink due to its lightness, but I prefer it to the former because it is a cooler color that I don’t see as being hyper-feminine. This color is versatile by nature and also could be nicely paired with florals.

The great thing about most of these trends is that you probably already have one of each of them in your possession, so all you really have to do is commit to wearing them. These five trends are all super versatile, which is nice because, as many of us know, the most coveted runway looks don’t always match up with what people feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis. With that being said, use this only as a guide to try out looks that are considered trendy for the coming season.Read more at:marieaustralia.com | cocktail dresses

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