Watch Alexa Chung talk about being famous while crying and eating hot sauce

Is there anyone who isn’t obsessed with Alexa Chung? Nope, we thought so. So when she appeared on Hot Ones, the interview that happens while celebrities eat progressively spicier hot sauce on wings, we couldn’t not watch the 22-minute interview and let you know what happens.

In true Chung fashion, the model/actress/designer/It-girl/ultimate slashie is open and candid throughout the entire interview, talking everything from hosting a Golden Globes red carpet and getting banned from live events forever, to being fired from MTV.

She even discusses knowing Justin Bieber before he was famous, revealing how he always used to be on her MTV show, It’s On With Alexa Chung. “We used to have Bieber on as a recurring guest because he wasn’t like, a big deal yet… We used to call him ‘hug boy’ because whenever I used to see him, he used to give me a side hug. And we’d be like, ‘Oh, it’s that kid.’”

When asked to choose between American and British fashion, Chung pledges allegiance to her home country, saying London is known for a more creative take on dressing.

“I think there’s room for reverence and quirkiness in Britain, or it’s expected and celebrated when people are eccentric. This is going back from like, fucking King George or something. People like it when you’re a bit weird. Whereas in America there’s safety in uniformity. It’s still interesting over here, but it’s maybe a bit slicker, whereas you get fewer looks for dressing like a freak when you’re walking around in London,” she said, whilst eating the least hot version of hot sauce on (vegan) chicken nuggets.

And the one fashion rumour that’s actually true, according to Chung? Creepy photographers, which the designer has been vocal about before, too. “There’s always just a little bit of a weird transaction maybe. It can’t not be, because you’re being observed and captured for a purely visual asset. And then they’re the ones doing it, so that paradigmatic is always going to be weird.”

As for fame, Chung is confused herself about her high profile, telling host Sean Evans she is met with “fucking Beatle-mania” in Topshop, but “anywhere else, everyone’s just like, ‘who?’”

Around the 17-minute mark, Chung starts to get tears in her eyes, exclaiming “my mouth is a spice prison” while trying to comment on festival outfits. “My tongue feels like it’s literally disintegrating,” she said.Read more at:short formal dresses australia | formal dress

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