Alexa Chung talks about her own experiences with sexual harassment

Alexa Chung talks about her own experiences with sexual harassment 

(Photo:formal dresses online australia)Considering the wave of allegations, stories and charges which have been laid out against some of Hollywood and fashion’s biggest names, it comes as no surprise yet another story has emerged, this time from Alexa Chung.

In a conversation with Chelsea Handler published on Refinery29, Chung discusses everything from being single to dressing for her her age, but perhaps the most poignant point she makes is about women — particularly models — in fashion and the abuse of power that occurs.

Admitting her time as a model wasn’t exactly free from “sticky situations”, as Chung puts it, the now fashion designer shares her thoughts on the recent accusations against the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly.

“I started out as a model when I was a teenager. I was put in some pretty sticky situations at a very young age, and it’s prevalent still in the fashion industry. I think there need to be some kind of rules put in place. For example, maybe toting your portfolio around as a teenager to some weird dude’s apartment and showing them your book in their living room is maybe a strange setup,” Chung said.

When asked if she had gotten into a situation where she was scared for her safety, Chung shared the following story.

“Yeah, there were a couple of situations when I was much younger. The details have gotten murky as I’ve gotten older. But something happened that was weird enough for me to remember it, even now. I remember my sister leaving me at a photoshoot. I was always chaperoned; my parents made sure of that. She left to get coffee or whatever, and some photographer guy had shot me last. Everyone else had gone home. I guess it should’ve been an indicator to me, but I was so young. And he started undressing me. He was like, ‘Okay come into my bedroom. I’m the stylist now.’ And it wasn’t until halfway through my clothes being off that I was like, ‘Oh God. Okay no, this is not okay.’ I was very, very innocent.”

Revealing she has never felt “sexually threatened”, Chung went on to refute those who say her “strong personality” as the reason she’s never been sexually assaulted: “That’s such an unfair thing to say to women. It’s not because I have a strong personality. It’s just because I’ve been lucky. People with strong personalities get sexually harassed all the time. That has no place in our conversation.”

Chung’s story comes just days after fellow British model Edie Campbell wrote an open letter, addressing the power imbalance which hangs over the fashion industry, and calling out those who allow it to continue.Read more at:cocktail dresses australia

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