Memoto Future Protesters: Don’t Block the plus size blue lingerie

Memoto Future Protesters: Don’t Block the plus size blue lingerie

Two rules of commerce they probably china clothing wholesale don’t teach at Wharton: life-size photographs of Giselle Bundchen, wearing lingerie, in your shop window are good for business (that’s with or without angel wings), but protesters chaining themselves to your front door are not.

A pair of men in their 20’s did precisely buy women suits that in front of the Victoria’s Secret store on Broadway and 85th Street yesterday about 10 a.m., just a few minutes after it opened for business, blocking would-be customers from entering to browse for intimates and semi-intimates.

This created a minor commotion on the Upper West lingerie online shopping Side block for half an hour or so, until the police arrived to extricate the two men from their post, arrest them and charge them with disorderly conduct and “obstructing governmental administration.”

“They said Victoria’s cute lace lingerie Secret sends out one million catalogs a day, and they’re using nonrecycled paper, and it’s depleting our forests,” said one observer, 24-year-old Laura Bazelow, who had ventured outside from her job at the adjacent Origins bath shop to watch the goings-on. Of the protesters, she said: “They looked like rock stars — very Lower East Side, very punk rock. You know: ripped jeans, vintagey clothes, piercings.”



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