What you wear during the summer vacation, the printed dress is the best

What is the best way to have a good time in accord with summer vacation? Return to the sea Blue Sky Sunshine Beach scenery, a tranquil and indifferent rustic village of nature and a fresh quiet suburb of free Green. There are a lot of places to go, but before you begin, you need to go on vacation, open a wardrobe and choose the appropriate dress for the most suitable for your printed dress.

01 stunning, amazing, amazing! A pure big red dress, a print pattern of three peach flowers in Sansheng, attracted the eyes of everyone who has in the first moments of appearance, add some Chinese-inspired charm, gentle and elegant chiffon fabrics, so beautiful and more vivid, this dress can definitely make the seaside trip icing on the cake.

02 walking slowly in a green dress, as though the surroundings were very harmonious, as if the life of independence, once again in the path of childhood, filled with emotional emotion, remembering the original dream, clarifying the direction of the future, we may still dance for free like a beautiful butterfly dress.

03 If you think the weather is too hot, you do not want to go out for a long time, then you find relatively cool weather to go to the suburbs, sucking fresh air is also a good drop. The Faint island sky blue let us adopt summer ice cream, lotus leaf sleeves romantic, small dew shoulder sexy, beautiful as well as a little ah ~

04 Sure enough, is a very right choice to visit the suburbs, how much fun to play, see a bunch of beautiful flowers, pure and bright smile, flax hair, fresh print dress, fix this moment, click Wipe, it can be a beautiful memory of it.

50 million don’t think that summer is just a beach, a lotus pond, a quiet suburb, and a flowering season. Oh ~ Women like flowers, whether this sentence is really appropriate, whether it is a dress in print or around a bright flower, the flower and the woman are always very good compatibility.

06 When it comes to flowers, you can not help but think of butterflies, in the end is the love flower of butterflies. Or flowers cannot be inseparable from butterflies, it is not important for us, the two are not clear, the butterflies and flowers, stupid points in digital printing in the way that was presented to the dress, so that would be like a butterfly or flower, a designer.

07 Occasionally there will be people who are not afraid of heat, want to go to holy Xinjiang and Tibet, and then try to have national characteristics of clothing. The use of bold and innovative colors and imaginative hand-drawn compositions are presented in dark dresses and show a distinctive exotic style.

08 Most of the time, the holiday location is not the most important, their own people are the most important. Simple and innocent girls are very direct to the idea of mind through the way of dressing up to express, and the characters in the waist print dress fit for them.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses uk | purple bridesmaid dresses

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