Start with the basics and get started in spring

A new dress in spring with an emphasis on the combination of print and splice styles, the random mix can easily be a terrifying village effect, but even dress up to cover yourself. But it’s like getting a black and white grey neutral color newbie, and you can also find the right way to mash it up from the basic section.

01 denim coats, especially the basic sections, are about the king’s condition of salvation. Wei Clothing + net yarn half skirt + short denim jacket, today’s foot length 1.2 m; Shirt + Flash jeans + le shoes, go shopping violence is not commonplace walk. Best of all, the usual metal color, the cowboy can also make it from high cold to daily.

02 mix at least three parts, otherwise it will have a mixed effect. However, the next version of the coat and type is considered within the range of material and color, how can you wear the characteristics of both spring exuberance and self? Find the Siamese pants, pick a nice black hat, and just do a little bit of it.

03 Light Dogwood Powder, a vibrant thermal orange and herb fresh green, collectively known as a large thermal color system for the quarter. In contrast to the previous two, green needs to change a little color to fit most of the age. Spring still needs a piece of wool coat to spend the cold sooner or later, as well as a low-key fashionable one.

04 1 pieces of the product are two pieces of fake, in addition to the suit, you can wear two sets of appearance. For most beginners, stitching a dress with a thick coat is enough to handle all the tangles of the morning. A geometric stitch of large colored blocks, or a combination of soft and hard materials, can meet the basic needs of mashups.

05 is like the Cowboy has the same foundation, the windbreaker has the charm to reduce the entire audience. The way the ego flies is printed on the inside and even the Camel classic British windbreaker can save a lot of impression points. Whether the belt is open, it can be completed with a guaranteed mixing operation.

06 Long shirts, often at the bottom of the form of self-cultivation to make a familiar appearance, stressed that the waist line coupled with the belt is not the last straight tube. But isn’t it just a cliché? The shirt should reveal the lower part of the clothes or half of the hem, or out of the sleeves of the line of interesting sight.

07 has completely entered the spring area, you can quickly open the next clothes mode, disappear, Wei clothes + skirts, do down, you can also add stockings, chill fear, and cover the last of the loose long coats on the line. Its mix is simple and easy to start, the loose coat is easier to highlight the slender legs.

08 sets of mixes look to make another reduction threshold, but very reduced happiness. If the wardrobe already has a good suit, the only thing to worry about is the color of the coat, to maintain the integrity of the bag of shoes.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses | cheap bridesmaid dresses

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