Fairy attack girl Heart accidentally awakened in spring

A handsome man without a big female foot, can be an angel of gas field to heaven, can also be a charming and lively little girl, not a bird with a faint gentle decoration on it. The girls are standard polyhedra and spring is the best awakening season.

01, the Dogwood powder has been less popular sexual apathy in exchange for its metallic colors and slightly filled, spring elements immediately full value. The texture of the linen is easy to wrinkle, but the inside of the cotton shirt formed a very good soft and hard contrast to do. The hem is completely tight and reveals half way, commuter-style interchanges are very simple.

20 points require print elements to compensate for the forced net color of the entire winter eye, the geometric flip of the print is very vibrant. In the next outfit you adhere to the complexity of the principles of simplicity, you can match the color of the print, the overall degree is good.

03 It’s no use working every day or falling in love with a bed in a day off, striped shirts, and a hundred style of single products that ignore time and hours. Feel free to have small leg trousers, or a cowboy half skirt, neat or a little ladylike, all right.

04 put the suit in the combined series and perhaps the best admiration of the suit. Seamless two-piece set, the slit of the side sleeve becomes full, the pants of the small foot is tightened a little, and does not matter micro fat though the appearance is thin and high in the consent of a complete tacit.

05 Lotus Reef lead minus age no doubt, the standard of striped shirts further increases the age range of this combination. College style is suitable for the campus of course, the girl can choose the first pure color micro skirt to the workplace, or remove the naïve suspicion, highlighting the line sensation of the smoke tube pants.

06 Palace Wind A hundred times, gold silk embroidery lantern sleeve, looks a little solemn feeling. But do not refuse to be exquisite, the spring commute is going to fly itself, in a suit of trousers to visual convergence.

07 is a nasty single product with chickens that in many areas have to admit a middle sleeve or short sleeve knit sweater. But it is truly blessed with a great variety of skirts. If you are afraid of cold, choose a thick windbreaker and make a coat.

08 Similarly, short-sleeved knit dresses can be worn in certain temperatures and weather, but the beauty of human life can fully prove that its existence is justified. Jacquard hips and any coat can match, windbreaker small suit option, a good mood to work.Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses | green bridesmaid dresses

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