Send a girlfriend of this three kinds of dresses

Probably many men will have this experience: the weekend girlfriends did not see the delay of the girlfriends, etc etc etc., such as playing together, yellow vegetables are cool. In fact, the men are waiting for the time to get dressed, in exchange for the time, and the girlfriend in front of the wardrobe. Of course, this situation is not impossible to solve, there are three different types of dresses that are easy to save, so if you don’t want to continue waiting, the men will send three different dresses to their girlfriends and put them out of their promise.

“Waist Display thin vest dress”

01 Girls go out to dress up carefully, it is always important to keep a high value. Elastic waist, yingying at the same time looking at the small waist of the grip, an elastic free grasp, is just good, and if your girlfriend is a cargo of beauty, this dress is super fit, after the tightness of the dinner, a little hard before the nasty situation absolutely does not drop.

02 without belt, can not accept the hips, it does not have a sense of beauty, even through the careful cleavage of the waist of nature, looming hollow design, but also a little sexy; An elegant and upscale water-soluble race virtually enhances the taste of the girl’s clothes. The two of us go out together, the boyfriend is absolutely very face.

“Multi-style print dress”

03 Waist Thinning is very important, but it is not the only choice of clothing standards, to know what is best for themselves. Blue and white stripe dress, natural freshness, high waist design, long legs easy, color impact red waist belt, personalized fashion; This dress suggests that the girl under the 165cm wear, bend and wind when attention skirts the pendulum, to avoid the outside, sister’s

04. Your girlfriend, art, quiet, a little bit of a woman, but might as well give her this dress, a simple and orderly print pattern, a kind of texture of the original ecological wood, far away, feeling thin and soft chiffon fabric, the elegance of a girl and smart

05 Look, wearing a boyfriend’s dress, smiling how happy Oh, so a bright smile, even less, faint sky blue hanging in the sun sky, people can enjoy delicious visual ice cream, bright fruit patterns, very attractive, the air seems to be filled with sweet fruit incense.

If you have 06 hours, you might want to go on a trip to the seaside in the hot summer. A wave of cool sea breezes, soft beaches and waves lapping the sounds of the coast, putting aside mundane troubles, thoroughly relaxing themselves and cooking you do not know that you are also dressed in exotic long Beach skirts that are the beauty of other people.

“One-word shoulder social dress skirt”

07 Dating is tedious to go shopping, watching meals and movies, and some spectacular opportunities involve participation, too, unique alternative dating, for example: At the company’s summer Carnival Annual meeting, the most popular pale dogwood powder dress emphasizes the feminine soft features, bending over the edges of the skin, more white and delicate, lotus leaf

Eight-word shoulder sex, let the elegant clavicle in the eyes of every man and prove what is called completely naked elegance sexy. Pure white + slightly diffused skirt pendulum + very textured water-soluble race, making a beautiful romantic show with the innocence of a girl.

No matter what type of girl is your girlfriend or what kind of two you want to go, these three kinds of dresses can meet your requirements, the girlfriend does not have to tangle with the problem, the minute is good for her girlfriend’s dress to give her thoroughly, but not quickly settle the boyfriend waiting for the problem, move!Read more at:long bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid

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