Technology Is Eating Fashion

If you think you run a fashion business, you’re wrong. A technology business with a fashion focus? Sure. Anything else and you may as well wave the white flag, because the rules of the rag trade are changing. You’re either leading that change, or you’re a sitting duck ready to be picked off by a sharp-shooting tech juggernaut.

Since Amazon first started peddling books online, Jeff Bezos never once saw his company as a retailer. “Amazon is a technology company. We just happen to do retail,” said Amazon CTO Wagner Vogels in 2011. With this mentality it’s no surprise Amazon has been able to conquer retail category after retail category, solving long-old supply-chain inefficiencies using technology as the not-so-secret weapon.

From product development to distribution, nothing about the fashion supply-chain is agile. It’s impossible for traditional fashion businesses to respond to real-time demand; it takes too long to get ideas to market. Even Zara, the masters of supply-chain efficiency, can only bring a product to market in 10-15 days. In our hyper-connected digital world, a lot can change in 15 minutes let alone 15 days.

The supply-chain also fails with personalisation. Products must be designed to appeal to markets broad enough to justify producing at scale, sacrificing individualisation for unit economics. Then there’s the fit issue. Standard sizes statistically fit less than 20 percent of the total addressable population. Too many consumers fall between the cracks of standard sizing bell-curves.

These shortcomings are being aggressively addressed by tech companies. Amazon for one has been mining its retail data and spinning up private labels to exploit product gaps discovered in the apparel market. In April 2017 the company was granted a patent for an on-demand apparel manufacturing system that creates custom clothing to the fit and specifications of individual customers. This means Amazon can not only eliminate inventory, but can respond almost instantly to market trends, and sell their products to the entire population.

Los Angeles-based Fame and Partners is another pioneer in the on-demand apparel supply chain. Like Amazon, the online womenswear label has developed a proprietary factory floor system with their manufacturing partner near Shanghai. CEO Nyree Corby says Fame and Partners use a modular design approach, allowing them to create new styles tied to their pattern and factory floor systems, which in turn maximises design flexibility, fit, and manufacturability. Corby says the rise of direct to consumer labels “translates to a larger proportion of brands now taking inventory risk than their business models previously allowed for.” She adds that reduced barriers for new fashion labels going to market “is driving fragmentation of trends and contributing to the general retail malaise.”

As consumers and their expectations digitally evolve, so too must the companies that clothe them. It’s not viable for fashion companies to design products for market segments when tech companies can design products for specific individuals. It’s not viable for fashion companies to spend weeks or months bringing products to market if tech-companies can do the same in seconds.

Technologies like data mining, machine learning, pattern bootstrapping, and product virtualisation are the tools of the new game. Tools that are already bolstering the arsenal of tech retailers like San Francisco-based Stitch Fix. They use artificial intelligence to analyse and predict purchasing behaviour, and formulate new product designs based on what components of style are popular at the time. Their AI-design technology sorts through trillions of design and fabricvariants to generate products that have a statistically-high chance of retail success.

Human designers cannot compete with AI-designers when it comes to synthesising complex data from multiple sources. They also can’t compete with AI-designers to action their findings and assemble, render, and launch entirely new products in seconds. A consumer may soon be browsing an eCommerce site as an AI-designer watches and learns from their actions. The machine could design, render, and display new products to the consumer in real-time based on what it believes they want. The product could then be manufactured only after the consumer has purchased the product, eliminating inventory risk.

This supply chain revolution doesn’t only apply to mass-market fashion brands. Luxury brands cannot claim superiority when tech-driven mass-market players can guarantee a more personalised and better-fitting product.

Technology also shifts the creative process towards a more symmetric interaction between consumers and brands. With AI, brands have the scalability to use individual customers as the basis of inspiration for designs. H&M’s Ivyrevel have collaborated with Google to translate “a week of your life into a one-of-a-kind design.” Lifestyle data is collected through an Ivyrevel app, including tracking venues they visit and activities they do. The app learns “who you are, what you like to do, and where you like to go,” and then proposes a unique dress design for a specific occasion.

This might sound like novelty, however it’s just the beginning of a movement where technology begins to inform the creative process. To remain at the cutting-edge, luxury brands must learn to harness AI to pioneer new and meaningful experiences with consumers.

Fashion businesses need to start their transition into technology companies now. The sooner they start, the sooner they’ll cultivate the domain expertise required to remain competitive in the future. Firstly, digitise historical designs and build a rich database of products split into their individual variants. When properly organised, a human or AI designer can easily reference this library to assemble unique product without having to create anything from scratch.

Secondly, ditch standard-size grading and adopt parametric pattern grading. With parametric grading any product design can be made to fit any body type. It is getting easier and easier to capture customer body data, from taking 3D body scans on smartphones to predicting 50+ measurements from a few questions about fit. It’s only a matter of time before the mass market falls for bespoke fit, and you don’t want to be dependent on standard sizes when that time comes.

With parametric grading and bespoke fit comes the third recommendation: supplement your mass-produced inventory with on-demand production. You can quash sizing-related problems, eliminate unsold inventory headaches, and be responsive to consumer demand on a sale-by-sale basis. A low-barrier-of-entry approach would be to leverage pre-sales as a way to collect a critical mass of orders before producing custom products at scale.

Finally, start collecting and analysing all the data that you have, such as point-of-sale data, e-commerce analytics and metrics about your customers. Whatever you have, collect it. Your biggest competitive advantage is locked away in the data that flows through your business, day in day out. Build infrastructure around your data to analyse and take action on the findings. Your business’ survival depends on it.Read more at:pink bridesmaid dresses | gold bridesmaid dresses

What you wear during the summer vacation, the printed dress is the best

What is the best way to have a good time in accord with summer vacation? Return to the sea Blue Sky Sunshine Beach scenery, a tranquil and indifferent rustic village of nature and a fresh quiet suburb of free Green. There are a lot of places to go, but before you begin, you need to go on vacation, open a wardrobe and choose the appropriate dress for the most suitable for your printed dress.

01 stunning, amazing, amazing! A pure big red dress, a print pattern of three peach flowers in Sansheng, attracted the eyes of everyone who has in the first moments of appearance, add some Chinese-inspired charm, gentle and elegant chiffon fabrics, so beautiful and more vivid, this dress can definitely make the seaside trip icing on the cake.

02 walking slowly in a green dress, as though the surroundings were very harmonious, as if the life of independence, once again in the path of childhood, filled with emotional emotion, remembering the original dream, clarifying the direction of the future, we may still dance for free like a beautiful butterfly dress.

03 If you think the weather is too hot, you do not want to go out for a long time, then you find relatively cool weather to go to the suburbs, sucking fresh air is also a good drop. The Faint island sky blue let us adopt summer ice cream, lotus leaf sleeves romantic, small dew shoulder sexy, beautiful as well as a little ah ~

04 Sure enough, is a very right choice to visit the suburbs, how much fun to play, see a bunch of beautiful flowers, pure and bright smile, flax hair, fresh print dress, fix this moment, click Wipe, it can be a beautiful memory of it.

50 million don’t think that summer is just a beach, a lotus pond, a quiet suburb, and a flowering season. Oh ~ Women like flowers, whether this sentence is really appropriate, whether it is a dress in print or around a bright flower, the flower and the woman are always very good compatibility.

06 When it comes to flowers, you can not help but think of butterflies, in the end is the love flower of butterflies. Or flowers cannot be inseparable from butterflies, it is not important for us, the two are not clear, the butterflies and flowers, stupid points in digital printing in the way that was presented to the dress, so that would be like a butterfly or flower, a designer.

07 Occasionally there will be people who are not afraid of heat, want to go to holy Xinjiang and Tibet, and then try to have national characteristics of clothing. The use of bold and innovative colors and imaginative hand-drawn compositions are presented in dark dresses and show a distinctive exotic style.

08 Most of the time, the holiday location is not the most important, their own people are the most important. Simple and innocent girls are very direct to the idea of mind through the way of dressing up to express, and the characters in the waist print dress fit for them.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses uk | purple bridesmaid dresses

Kiwi designers Harman Grubisa win International Woolmark Prize

Jessica Grubisa and Madeleine Harman of Harman and Grubisa. 

(Photo:long bridesmaid dresses)In a Sydney hotel room last night, after a long celebratory dinner and a series of repetitive interviews, the fashion designers Madeleine Harman and Jessica Grubiša sat down to reflect on how an achievement that afternoon may have changed their future.

The duo, who together founded the label Harman Grubiša in 2014, were yesterday named winners of the International Woolmark Prize’s womenswear category for the Australia New Zealand region. They were nominated last year, but now they’d won the AU$70,000 prize and – potentially more valuable – entry to the international final next January in Florence. There, they will compete against eleven other designers for the top prize of AU$200,000.

It was the first time a New Zealander had made the international final and, in their hotel room, the duo considered the value of the win: “Money is one thing, but I think for us it’s being one of the first New Zealanders to have a nomination, and one of the first ever to win an Australian regional final,” said Harman. “We felt like we’d created history.”

Launched in 1953, the International Woolmark Prize is one of the fashion industry’s most prestigious competitions, challenging designers to create a capsule collection made predominantly of merino wool. Past winners have included Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.

For the last three months, Harman and Grubiša spent their weekday evenings in their Ponsonby studio working on their entry. The brief for the regional competition: to design a range of six looks, 80 per cent of which is made from merino wool, then produce and present one outfit to a panel of fashion editors, designers and industry folk.

“It’s really like a Dragon’s Den situation – people at a table staring at you, 10 minutes to convince these people about your designs,” said Harman. “It’s an intimidating environment.”

Using a merino fabric from an Italian mill – a material Harman described as “the ultimate travel companion: crinkle resistant, stain resistant, odour resistant” – the designers created a robe-style coat with an invisible zip in the back, so it can be converted into a clutch. “It sounds really gimmicky but it’s really beautiful,” she said.

One of those judging the clothes was designer Gabriela Hearst, who last year won the international competition. “I think Harman Grubiša are very entrepreneurial and very driven,” said Hearst. “They have commercial viability and are creatively there. I think this is a great opportunity for them to expand.”

Hearst’s comments are spot on. At present Harman Grubiša has 10 stockists in New Zealand and is due to begin selling with an Australian online retailer shortly, but the designers have their sights set on the international market. While in Australia, they plan to meet with a public relations agency, with a view of picking up overseas stockists. “We’ve been really conscious of creating a home for ourselves in New Zealand ,” Harman says. “It’s grounded us in the way we develop out product, get feedback, know who we are. We’re at the jump-off point at the moment.”

For the International Woolmark Prize final, the designers will finish producing their capsule collection, to be judged by a panel of international fashion heavyweights. (Last year’s judging panel included Victoria Beckham, Vogue Paris contributing editor Suzanne Koller, and chair of the British Fashion Council Dame Natalie Massenet.) The prospect bolsters Harman: “I feel great about it. It’s where it belongs.”

Alongside Harman Grubiša, the menswear category was won by the New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based designer Blair Archibald.Read more

Start with the basics and get started in spring

A new dress in spring with an emphasis on the combination of print and splice styles, the random mix can easily be a terrifying village effect, but even dress up to cover yourself. But it’s like getting a black and white grey neutral color newbie, and you can also find the right way to mash it up from the basic section.

01 denim coats, especially the basic sections, are about the king’s condition of salvation. Wei Clothing + net yarn half skirt + short denim jacket, today’s foot length 1.2 m; Shirt + Flash jeans + le shoes, go shopping violence is not commonplace walk. Best of all, the usual metal color, the cowboy can also make it from high cold to daily.

02 mix at least three parts, otherwise it will have a mixed effect. However, the next version of the coat and type is considered within the range of material and color, how can you wear the characteristics of both spring exuberance and self? Find the Siamese pants, pick a nice black hat, and just do a little bit of it.

03 Light Dogwood Powder, a vibrant thermal orange and herb fresh green, collectively known as a large thermal color system for the quarter. In contrast to the previous two, green needs to change a little color to fit most of the age. Spring still needs a piece of wool coat to spend the cold sooner or later, as well as a low-key fashionable one.

04 1 pieces of the product are two pieces of fake, in addition to the suit, you can wear two sets of appearance. For most beginners, stitching a dress with a thick coat is enough to handle all the tangles of the morning. A geometric stitch of large colored blocks, or a combination of soft and hard materials, can meet the basic needs of mashups.

05 is like the Cowboy has the same foundation, the windbreaker has the charm to reduce the entire audience. The way the ego flies is printed on the inside and even the Camel classic British windbreaker can save a lot of impression points. Whether the belt is open, it can be completed with a guaranteed mixing operation.

06 Long shirts, often at the bottom of the form of self-cultivation to make a familiar appearance, stressed that the waist line coupled with the belt is not the last straight tube. But isn’t it just a cliché? The shirt should reveal the lower part of the clothes or half of the hem, or out of the sleeves of the line of interesting sight.

07 has completely entered the spring area, you can quickly open the next clothes mode, disappear, Wei clothes + skirts, do down, you can also add stockings, chill fear, and cover the last of the loose long coats on the line. Its mix is simple and easy to start, the loose coat is easier to highlight the slender legs.

08 sets of mixes look to make another reduction threshold, but very reduced happiness. If the wardrobe already has a good suit, the only thing to worry about is the color of the coat, to maintain the integrity of the bag of shoes.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses | cheap bridesmaid dresses

Festive knit cardigan, the last thing you can do

Enjoy and look forward to finally the winter of endless sentimentality completely connected to the end. Up to three months it has not really been able to hold the active factor in the body, by stuffy braided cardigan, and so on, and now finally can be a good time.

The 01 Knit cardigan is not clear anyway, from the time it is popular, it is obviously hard to trace back. You may be born with a gentle temperament, but since the birth of a woman, the appearance of integrity like a very good parenting.

To conform to the trend of the development of the 02 era, occasionally knitting cardigans will try to shake off the inherent impression of tenderness and nobility, go the route of the more avant-garde. Perhaps the benefits are not obvious in the form of style, but greatly expands the group of spectators, and sometimes the choice is more popular.

The 03 black knit cardigan is absolutely classic, definitely not to say. It is possible to use it enough though it is possible to enter asunder as long as it likes any woman, and the basic function of self-cultivation cannot be cast, and it is well-known that only the woman does not make the man temperament, and is domineering.

04, do not want to black words, other colors, braided by the way the cardigan will produce a slightly enlarged visual effect, but the convergence of time is obvious. For instance, the rich oranges cover the meat so as not to be too great, losing publicity and youthful vitality.

05. Of course, especially flashy women do not recommend, but hate the wasteful silver, not to wear out to go. The low-key, wine-red knit cardigan is also good, but is especially annoying, with no hint of procrastination suitable for the type of fat, the pendant is proof.

06 Ginger seems to be in addition to the camel knitting cardigan with the most open colors that is not one of them, perhaps the unique halo attribute around the woman’s thinking, accepting a wide range of friends. And the very color of the lining skin, regardless of the foundation, wear can quickly be at least white in the number of colors.

A long observation through the wear of clothing to the 07 knit cardigan can summarize such a rule, only superficial women will like the composite elements, smart women are pursuing simplicity. The so-called atmosphere, so-called knowledge, is so-high-end, so simple included.Read more at:blue bridesmaid dresses | purple bridesmaid dresses

Fairy attack girl Heart accidentally awakened in spring

A handsome man without a big female foot, can be an angel of gas field to heaven, can also be a charming and lively little girl, not a bird with a faint gentle decoration on it. The girls are standard polyhedra and spring is the best awakening season.

01, the Dogwood powder has been less popular sexual apathy in exchange for its metallic colors and slightly filled, spring elements immediately full value. The texture of the linen is easy to wrinkle, but the inside of the cotton shirt formed a very good soft and hard contrast to do. The hem is completely tight and reveals half way, commuter-style interchanges are very simple.

20 points require print elements to compensate for the forced net color of the entire winter eye, the geometric flip of the print is very vibrant. In the next outfit you adhere to the complexity of the principles of simplicity, you can match the color of the print, the overall degree is good.

03 It’s no use working every day or falling in love with a bed in a day off, striped shirts, and a hundred style of single products that ignore time and hours. Feel free to have small leg trousers, or a cowboy half skirt, neat or a little ladylike, all right.

04 put the suit in the combined series and perhaps the best admiration of the suit. Seamless two-piece set, the slit of the side sleeve becomes full, the pants of the small foot is tightened a little, and does not matter micro fat though the appearance is thin and high in the consent of a complete tacit.

05 Lotus Reef lead minus age no doubt, the standard of striped shirts further increases the age range of this combination. College style is suitable for the campus of course, the girl can choose the first pure color micro skirt to the workplace, or remove the naïve suspicion, highlighting the line sensation of the smoke tube pants.

06 Palace Wind A hundred times, gold silk embroidery lantern sleeve, looks a little solemn feeling. But do not refuse to be exquisite, the spring commute is going to fly itself, in a suit of trousers to visual convergence.

07 is a nasty single product with chickens that in many areas have to admit a middle sleeve or short sleeve knit sweater. But it is truly blessed with a great variety of skirts. If you are afraid of cold, choose a thick windbreaker and make a coat.

08 Similarly, short-sleeved knit dresses can be worn in certain temperatures and weather, but the beauty of human life can fully prove that its existence is justified. Jacquard hips and any coat can match, windbreaker small suit option, a good mood to work.Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses | green bridesmaid dresses

Send a girlfriend of this three kinds of dresses

Probably many men will have this experience: the weekend girlfriends did not see the delay of the girlfriends, etc etc etc., such as playing together, yellow vegetables are cool. In fact, the men are waiting for the time to get dressed, in exchange for the time, and the girlfriend in front of the wardrobe. Of course, this situation is not impossible to solve, there are three different types of dresses that are easy to save, so if you don’t want to continue waiting, the men will send three different dresses to their girlfriends and put them out of their promise.

“Waist Display thin vest dress”

01 Girls go out to dress up carefully, it is always important to keep a high value. Elastic waist, yingying at the same time looking at the small waist of the grip, an elastic free grasp, is just good, and if your girlfriend is a cargo of beauty, this dress is super fit, after the tightness of the dinner, a little hard before the nasty situation absolutely does not drop.

02 without belt, can not accept the hips, it does not have a sense of beauty, even through the careful cleavage of the waist of nature, looming hollow design, but also a little sexy; An elegant and upscale water-soluble race virtually enhances the taste of the girl’s clothes. The two of us go out together, the boyfriend is absolutely very face.

“Multi-style print dress”

03 Waist Thinning is very important, but it is not the only choice of clothing standards, to know what is best for themselves. Blue and white stripe dress, natural freshness, high waist design, long legs easy, color impact red waist belt, personalized fashion; This dress suggests that the girl under the 165cm wear, bend and wind when attention skirts the pendulum, to avoid the outside, sister’s

04. Your girlfriend, art, quiet, a little bit of a woman, but might as well give her this dress, a simple and orderly print pattern, a kind of texture of the original ecological wood, far away, feeling thin and soft chiffon fabric, the elegance of a girl and smart

05 Look, wearing a boyfriend’s dress, smiling how happy Oh, so a bright smile, even less, faint sky blue hanging in the sun sky, people can enjoy delicious visual ice cream, bright fruit patterns, very attractive, the air seems to be filled with sweet fruit incense.

If you have 06 hours, you might want to go on a trip to the seaside in the hot summer. A wave of cool sea breezes, soft beaches and waves lapping the sounds of the coast, putting aside mundane troubles, thoroughly relaxing themselves and cooking you do not know that you are also dressed in exotic long Beach skirts that are the beauty of other people.

“One-word shoulder social dress skirt”

07 Dating is tedious to go shopping, watching meals and movies, and some spectacular opportunities involve participation, too, unique alternative dating, for example: At the company’s summer Carnival Annual meeting, the most popular pale dogwood powder dress emphasizes the feminine soft features, bending over the edges of the skin, more white and delicate, lotus leaf

Eight-word shoulder sex, let the elegant clavicle in the eyes of every man and prove what is called completely naked elegance sexy. Pure white + slightly diffused skirt pendulum + very textured water-soluble race, making a beautiful romantic show with the innocence of a girl.

No matter what type of girl is your girlfriend or what kind of two you want to go, these three kinds of dresses can meet your requirements, the girlfriend does not have to tangle with the problem, the minute is good for her girlfriend’s dress to give her thoroughly, but not quickly settle the boyfriend waiting for the problem, move!Read more at:long bridesmaid dresses | mirobridesmaid