Bump color stitch together, creative fashion bold Hello

“Beautiful limits, Beautiful end of love”, really too good to sing, but not only the limits of beauty, beautiful end, daring to try some never worn clothes, you might be able to dig a completely different side of the beautiful, yes, women oh, quickly cross the safety circle of their clothing, dress up some creative stuff, hit color stitching is a good choice

01 can not, not only unexpected, the designer will have such magical abilities, completely overturn the dress with the conventional impression of people of the traditional look, a long dress will be pure cotton t-shirt, smoked purple and turquoise color stitching, then you dot personalized characters and let’s see it everyone cried “so crazy! So fashion!

02 If you decide to go to the roof, there is no limit. Blue Lake and Jewel blue, as refreshing cool sea, belong to colocation of the same color, yes; Lemon yellow and sunshine orange permeates the youthful vitality of the summer breath, and also belongs to true adjacent color collocation. These two co-applications are directly

03 Wow, is the tree bright? Every time you see a T-shirt, print, not letters, heartfelt ideas, now finally have something different in our eyes, save the line of pure white and Chinese red bold bump color, the tide fan full element of the ribbon, minute aesthetic.

04 Bloom Gorgeous mountain views, refreshing and cool free seas, summer vacations where to play you can’t be afraid of the disease. Oh, but no matter where you want to play, you need may clothing, coupled with the pink and powder blue colors, the side of the fashion lotus leaves, will definitely make you become the most beautiful landscape.

05 Neutral, leisure, sports, etc., if you are still using these words to describe the cowboy, you are totally out of fashion track for a long time really. The classic denim blue and white gauze stitch, paired with a white single T, unwittingly added a little girl romance and quiet.

06 Play Turn bump color and stitching, black and white collocation the classics have not changed, but what does it mean again? The current ragged black grains of white pleats now walk full of smart beauty, like a pair of hands on the piano, at a pace. Jewel Blue in bold colored dresses, but also adds a touch of surprise of the basic black and white color, and at the same time can accentuate the feminine nobility and taste.

07 want to break through themselves bravely, dare to try one, but a lack of a little courage, well, we use a relatively modest method, and gradually change. Powder orange, light gray, off white, coffee, four colors fit, it seems that we often say “do not wear more than three colors of clothes”, let’s also add a bit of art folk in the garment, as long as the relationship oh can weaken the purity of the brightness of a slight color and contrast.

08 white shirt is a single product to become a women’s wardrobe, but there is absolutely no real material for some, the sensitive fashion tactile must be one of its advantages. Print Ah, embroidery oh, simple stripes oh, long ago, with the red and navy color collocation, wide stripe and fine stripes flexible use, the very design sense of creative stitching, the frontline of the tendency to walk arrogant stance, how fashion, how to hit the high-tech, color stitching.Read more at:mirobridesmaid | green bridesmaid dresses

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