The choice is lucky E, but also want to incarnate the essence of a walking T-shirt

A little similar to every summer year, the ice cream soda and good wear T-shirts are not changed. The correct demonstration is seen by the Queen and so many, but still dressed like passers-by. One of the keys to choosing a product and how to wear it is to become a walking T-shirt guide.

01 First, make sure that the wardrobe has one or some quality good enough skin degree also a great T-shirt. Regardless of whether it is white or not, make sure they are the foundation for self-cultivation. This type of T-shirt is called balm, whether it is single or internal, the version that will win them unless the body is too swollen, no problem.

In terms of 02 colors, the girls feel a pink and refreshing ice cream for young girls, and the $ number sisters are more exquisite silk or copper ammonia silk, in the presentation of these materials, which are acetate and other material qualities, excessive dark lines such as green, blue or neutral colors have a visual experience like streamers.

In 03 simple colocation, the ultimate deduction half-skirt can be copied the same shape of the girl, see the great power of various shapes. In addition to the wide leg pant wind, high waist + 8 points of design, make sure you feel fine walking up fashion with no ring belt, up to high heel shoes.

The 04 Navy wind T-shirt is definitely a big category of T-shirts, covering all ages and fluttering from stripes. In college there are still more suitable streamers for girls, light denim shorts and fashion shorts, which is a good place to choose.

05 Fashion t-shirts and years do not cross the classic different, they have strong timeliness. Most of the time, the life cycle of the season is so good that it’s a stylish fine to change to a fashion T-shirt for a week out of two or three days.

06 Ribbon-shaped ribbon printing, such as meaningful embroidery, not necessarily elaborate, it is a careful machine to reveal a small pattern by turning it up occasionally gradually. In addition to basic shorts and half skirts, do not take away the lines of attention of the latter.

07. Compared to self-cultivation, loose money on the body’s requirements relax a lot. If you don’t want to seem to procrastinate, slim down the line with a low-load feeling makes the slender modified leg easier to show. The fast birth of the France wind in the word with sandals in the smoke tube pants of a small front slit of white T-shirt + pants mouth.

08 Cotton t-shirts tend to be associated with the SEN system, but it is difficult to manage them in sophistication. The simple ministry practice is no doubt to create a sense of fashion, medium and small skirts that create a foot full of recognition with half skirts plus straps and cat heel shoes, but the best bandage bare color.Read more at:mirobridesmaid | pink bridesmaid dresses

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