Color confuses stations, special color colocation references

Life in the state of one hundred sentient beings, aren’t they womanizer? The beauty of women is that they are different than men. Colors are an especially important part of dressing. However, some colors will make us feel embarrassed, the essence of colocation good, once the error is beyond redemption.

01 You may say, the khaki lattice is nothing, this is already our accustomed color. But it was in the fall and winter, a pair of black boots can reach the field of error black leggings. Spring and summer, or white, more reliable, at least fresh and attractive.

Compared to the 02 green, this color seems to stimulate the silk shirt to the bone of the royal temperament, the workplace can allow the feminine light ripe temperament to spontaneously arise. A special color needs to be treated as a back to the basics, so the best way to solve the workplace white is to commute two wrong.

03 You may not think you can adjust like ginger yellow and smoked blue, but in fact, the ginger and yellow white umbrella skirts are also very good, but feel much less refreshing. Between some dignified leisure, playful print and gentle color, left and right.

04 Special colors are often accompanied by a special style. A long sleeve shirt with a word collar, neckline, a routine cut, so we can be more supportive. The yellow and blue colocation is more upgradeable, the colors are brighter, plus the print ornament, but everything seems to be so harmonious.

05 is still yellow, but less stable, brighter yellow appears more playful infliction. The green color of the army is more profound, perhaps in this way can only withstand the yellow of the jumps, so the advantage of a good show of lace skirts Special color special treatment only special eyes.

06 Red + dark blue, sharp and deep collisions are the colors of the world’s common truths. There is nothing special about personal color, but the uncommon effect of general colors is its purpose. Leisure and humility can not be less, this is the elegance of clothing.

07 Peacock Green is about the presence of the material and the gold velvet is inseparable because of the material properties, so the color appears to be fearless. This color is still good, obediently black, the bag can choose a hip skirt or nine pants, there is no risk, there are too heretical personalities.

08 is deeper than the peacock green, but more elegant than green, if the pair is too deep with black, if the colocation appears too pompous with white. Pale blue seems to have something in common with this color, with a natural effect of propriety, let the memory of a person’s photo.

09 want to leisurely, take green colocation black, which appears to have a gas field. Young people want to reduce the age, take the white and green armies, this seems comfortable and casual. The Big V-neck matches just the simplest common T-shirt.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | chiffon bridesmaid dresses

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