A light ripe female co-application

A ripe woman of light must have the charm and temperament of a young woman, lovable and also a mature woman wearing. This is actually a more awkward condition, but too mature dresses are told to be old and scolded for pretending to be too cute and innocent. Take a look at the lighter cooked women of the next seven groups:

The 01 big race is very sweet, each race is carefully co-located, meticulous and delicate, in order not too sweet, body of clothes with black design, loose straight body stylish and thin.

02 Peach Red Dress, light ladies must see the lace and match ribbons, you brought the collar of the big U, revealed the charm of the clavicle, to the novel only romantic love, the hem of the lotus leaf side foil the curves of your slender legs.

03 Chiffon material is also very suitable for our beautiful light women, use of a contrasting color collocation, a bright and layered sensation, blowing wind, skirt flying, sweet and sexy.

04 Black and white classic color, a classy temperament like Hepburn, but when it comes to cute polka dots, the clip of the doll shirt or the inner arc is measured, it is not underestimated.

05 Handsome girls, standard shopping dress-up. A cotton three-dimensional flower waist dress with a patent tip flat shoes, a color cap, does not reveal an epidemic, but it is not an inferior feeling. The combination of hand-painted and stereo textures is a very smart design.

06 Big bows, thinking is kind of romantic detail, use of the flash fabric to make, fashion sense immediately, up. The big cuff pendant feels very thin and the jeans sock does not miss a slim leg, a light-cooked female mm personality, OH.

07 Strong contrast color colocation, but calm and quiet, the key is in the coat for the hip, with a new embroidered flower decorative design, a stitch of cotton linens and satin of the same color, the natural processing of the folds, the more plump mm can also be guaranteed to wear.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | gold bridesmaid dresses

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