Multi-functional chiffon summer to build an unbeaten record

You have to admit, chiffon is too important for our summer. We need an elegant and playful chiffon shirt, we love elegant chiffon skirts and smart, we care about the nature of comfort and chiffon pants. This versatile chiffon may be the undefeated reason for our summer.

01. Accustomed to the presence of chiffon, is bound to a pure color, try to print another style, the summer is the time to go to the seaside season, not to mention that you also need a bohemian style of printing skirts. Bold colors and patterns, different levels of sense, are full of summer charm.

02 Choose a matching method, high waist long skirt enough to cover a lot of deficiencies, such as the legs of the upper body and lower body proportions is not enough coordination. The color of the print and the warm color of a small shirt clash, and even amorous feelings, individuality, and only the try.

31 types of colors between pure color and print are a bit more interesting than the pure color, but not printed as a publicity personality. The bright silk design of a pure color skirt, has a bright star in the visual sense, folds the emboldened more profound, just a white shirt can reach a beautiful move.

04 also has a kind of casual feel, is a print strap skirt, as if the shuttle year, back on campus time, even without any longer youth, but can still enjoy this beautiful. The atmosphere of the University of the print skirt, the color is not good likes and dislikes, and it does not matter whether deep or smart.

05 If you want to paste a multifunction label, the pants should also be in the direction of chiffon. Pants chiffon of the orthodox suit is hard to show too, but comfortable leg pants chiffon is still easy to deal with the playful. Look at the edge of a hundred times lotus leaf, the yellow of the beautiful cherry grass very good.

06 Don’t like the summer burden on trousers? It is because you do not meet the great looking Siamese trousers. The print-style blue and white porcelain type makes the blues and poetic representation of a white, V-collar high-waist stitch, and the fashion elements of multiple uses don’t even have to be worried enough to catch the eye.

07 The importance of combined shorts from the point of view of the Siamese trousers. Don’t be afraid to go out of the inconvenience, designers have some ways to solve the embarrassment, and the most important thing is to show a good-looking personality. Pure white background Color printing brings a casual sense of the Siamese pants that chiffon has the most understanding.

08 Of course, don’t leave your pants behind. Unlike jeans, chiffon shorts can do a lot of tricks, such as Lotus leaves. You can also do irregular deductions, so perfect only chiffon that has the most emboldened. Multi-functional chiffon gives you different options, how easy can you say defeat?Read more at:orange bridesmaid dresses | grey bridesmaid dresses

Bump color stitch together, creative fashion bold Hello

“Beautiful limits, Beautiful end of love”, really too good to sing, but not only the limits of beauty, beautiful end, daring to try some never worn clothes, you might be able to dig a completely different side of the beautiful, yes, women oh, quickly cross the safety circle of their clothing, dress up some creative stuff, hit color stitching is a good choice

01 can not, not only unexpected, the designer will have such magical abilities, completely overturn the dress with the conventional impression of people of the traditional look, a long dress will be pure cotton t-shirt, smoked purple and turquoise color stitching, then you dot personalized characters and let’s see it everyone cried “so crazy! So fashion!

02 If you decide to go to the roof, there is no limit. Blue Lake and Jewel blue, as refreshing cool sea, belong to colocation of the same color, yes; Lemon yellow and sunshine orange permeates the youthful vitality of the summer breath, and also belongs to true adjacent color collocation. These two co-applications are directly

03 Wow, is the tree bright? Every time you see a T-shirt, print, not letters, heartfelt ideas, now finally have something different in our eyes, save the line of pure white and Chinese red bold bump color, the tide fan full element of the ribbon, minute aesthetic.

04 Bloom Gorgeous mountain views, refreshing and cool free seas, summer vacations where to play you can’t be afraid of the disease. Oh, but no matter where you want to play, you need may clothing, coupled with the pink and powder blue colors, the side of the fashion lotus leaves, will definitely make you become the most beautiful landscape.

05 Neutral, leisure, sports, etc., if you are still using these words to describe the cowboy, you are totally out of fashion track for a long time really. The classic denim blue and white gauze stitch, paired with a white single T, unwittingly added a little girl romance and quiet.

06 Play Turn bump color and stitching, black and white collocation the classics have not changed, but what does it mean again? The current ragged black grains of white pleats now walk full of smart beauty, like a pair of hands on the piano, at a pace. Jewel Blue in bold colored dresses, but also adds a touch of surprise of the basic black and white color, and at the same time can accentuate the feminine nobility and taste.

07 want to break through themselves bravely, dare to try one, but a lack of a little courage, well, we use a relatively modest method, and gradually change. Powder orange, light gray, off white, coffee, four colors fit, it seems that we often say “do not wear more than three colors of clothes”, let’s also add a bit of art folk in the garment, as long as the relationship oh can weaken the purity of the brightness of a slight color and contrast.

08 white shirt is a single product to become a women’s wardrobe, but there is absolutely no real material for some, the sensitive fashion tactile must be one of its advantages. Print Ah, embroidery oh, simple stripes oh, long ago, with the red and navy color collocation, wide stripe and fine stripes flexible use, the very design sense of creative stitching, the frontline of the tendency to walk arrogant stance, how fashion, how to hit the high-tech, color stitching.Read more at:mirobridesmaid | green bridesmaid dresses

The choice is lucky E, but also want to incarnate the essence of a walking T-shirt

A little similar to every summer year, the ice cream soda and good wear T-shirts are not changed. The correct demonstration is seen by the Queen and so many, but still dressed like passers-by. One of the keys to choosing a product and how to wear it is to become a walking T-shirt guide.

01 First, make sure that the wardrobe has one or some quality good enough skin degree also a great T-shirt. Regardless of whether it is white or not, make sure they are the foundation for self-cultivation. This type of T-shirt is called balm, whether it is single or internal, the version that will win them unless the body is too swollen, no problem.

In terms of 02 colors, the girls feel a pink and refreshing ice cream for young girls, and the $ number sisters are more exquisite silk or copper ammonia silk, in the presentation of these materials, which are acetate and other material qualities, excessive dark lines such as green, blue or neutral colors have a visual experience like streamers.

In 03 simple colocation, the ultimate deduction half-skirt can be copied the same shape of the girl, see the great power of various shapes. In addition to the wide leg pant wind, high waist + 8 points of design, make sure you feel fine walking up fashion with no ring belt, up to high heel shoes.

The 04 Navy wind T-shirt is definitely a big category of T-shirts, covering all ages and fluttering from stripes. In college there are still more suitable streamers for girls, light denim shorts and fashion shorts, which is a good place to choose.

05 Fashion t-shirts and years do not cross the classic different, they have strong timeliness. Most of the time, the life cycle of the season is so good that it’s a stylish fine to change to a fashion T-shirt for a week out of two or three days.

06 Ribbon-shaped ribbon printing, such as meaningful embroidery, not necessarily elaborate, it is a careful machine to reveal a small pattern by turning it up occasionally gradually. In addition to basic shorts and half skirts, do not take away the lines of attention of the latter.

07. Compared to self-cultivation, loose money on the body’s requirements relax a lot. If you don’t want to seem to procrastinate, slim down the line with a low-load feeling makes the slender modified leg easier to show. The fast birth of the France wind in the word with sandals in the smoke tube pants of a small front slit of white T-shirt + pants mouth.

08 Cotton t-shirts tend to be associated with the SEN system, but it is difficult to manage them in sophistication. The simple ministry practice is no doubt to create a sense of fashion, medium and small skirts that create a foot full of recognition with half skirts plus straps and cat heel shoes, but the best bandage bare color.Read more at:mirobridesmaid | pink bridesmaid dresses

Leisure one summer simple life without pressure

It is easy to get irritable in the heat of the day. Therefore, the more of the summer, our pursuit of leisure is more evident. It is almost impossible to live a simple life without stress, but it may not be so difficult to dress up in a casual summer.

01 Real luxury is actually a white shirt, its luxuries are simple and pure, but this is also the reason for it to be easy to accept. White shirt + jeans, the easiest match of the summer, regardless of age, height, such a combination to deal with enough summer anxiety.

02 trying to put on a textured T-shirt is not an easy thing, but it’s too easy to get a casual-feeling t-shirt. Butt Sleeve Print T-shirt, some are leisurely emboldened, do not give any bondage in the house or in the shopping.

03 If you want to make yourself look younger, choose jeans. Where you can’t say good but it makes people feel at ease that the company has returned to the summer many years ago, but the ice cream and soda flavored, apple-flavored orange taste, acidity is sweet and tasty.

04 the enemy is not as fast as time, and then obediently acknowledges that they have grown. Without having to justify the cowboy strap pants, however, you can also print loose and comfortable wide leg pants. Tired of wearing a dress? To shake the Siamese pants for a change of style, maybe it’s not the same as before.

I want to relax in the summer, so can miss the combination of wide leg pants + white T-shirt of the most popular belts this summer? Black and white matches the most pressure is a clash of free colors, and do not choose the age of appearance, concise and clear and also called Classical fashion doctrine, the summer of leisure, this is not the principle of colocation of the brain power is not?

06 Suspenders shorts are also a good choice. Summer is the world of denim shorts, whether it is strap shorts or not, can be a cowboy bone for a random perfect display. Why would we want to be more comfortable in the summer, the pressures of life, rather than work too big, to free ourselves?

07 can also choose a dress. These curves do not gracefully or the perfect skirt details, you also can not be a small, fresh literary fan son and want to relax is certainly one of the best. I think black is not enough, there are additional cartoon print, Ah Manly kind.

08 Skirt Removal is very good for leisure, with a fluttering illusion and wrapping three centimeters of skirt. Print fresh and natural, after a V-collar with the help of a very clear, before, in the classic pattern of stripes, women can relax and do not have to spend too much time to achieve the effect.Read more | pink bridesmaid dresses

Color confuses stations, special color colocation references

Life in the state of one hundred sentient beings, aren’t they womanizer? The beauty of women is that they are different than men. Colors are an especially important part of dressing. However, some colors will make us feel embarrassed, the essence of colocation good, once the error is beyond redemption.

01 You may say, the khaki lattice is nothing, this is already our accustomed color. But it was in the fall and winter, a pair of black boots can reach the field of error black leggings. Spring and summer, or white, more reliable, at least fresh and attractive.

Compared to the 02 green, this color seems to stimulate the silk shirt to the bone of the royal temperament, the workplace can allow the feminine light ripe temperament to spontaneously arise. A special color needs to be treated as a back to the basics, so the best way to solve the workplace white is to commute two wrong.

03 You may not think you can adjust like ginger yellow and smoked blue, but in fact, the ginger and yellow white umbrella skirts are also very good, but feel much less refreshing. Between some dignified leisure, playful print and gentle color, left and right.

04 Special colors are often accompanied by a special style. A long sleeve shirt with a word collar, neckline, a routine cut, so we can be more supportive. The yellow and blue colocation is more upgradeable, the colors are brighter, plus the print ornament, but everything seems to be so harmonious.

05 is still yellow, but less stable, brighter yellow appears more playful infliction. The green color of the army is more profound, perhaps in this way can only withstand the yellow of the jumps, so the advantage of a good show of lace skirts Special color special treatment only special eyes.

06 Red + dark blue, sharp and deep collisions are the colors of the world’s common truths. There is nothing special about personal color, but the uncommon effect of general colors is its purpose. Leisure and humility can not be less, this is the elegance of clothing.

07 Peacock Green is about the presence of the material and the gold velvet is inseparable because of the material properties, so the color appears to be fearless. This color is still good, obediently black, the bag can choose a hip skirt or nine pants, there is no risk, there are too heretical personalities.

08 is deeper than the peacock green, but more elegant than green, if the pair is too deep with black, if the colocation appears too pompous with white. Pale blue seems to have something in common with this color, with a natural effect of propriety, let the memory of a person’s photo.

09 want to leisurely, take green colocation black, which appears to have a gas field. Young people want to reduce the age, take the white and green armies, this seems comfortable and casual. The Big V-neck matches just the simplest common T-shirt.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | chiffon bridesmaid dresses

From girls to women, dresses know our best

Time is like pulling sand, but the girls are growing, however, regardless of how many changes in the spring and summer, still speak about the sentence “Woman’s heart, the submarine needle. In fact, whether it is a girl, or a woman, wants to know their mind, a little trick oh is to understand its needs. Summer time, the best understanding of a partner more intimate than a dress. Hey, who does not believe? Take a leisurely analysis and make absolutely convincing!

01 Enjoy the most beautiful years of life, the girls are proud of the capital. Choose clothes and always choose to love, only faithful to their hearts. Why? Young, dare to try, break through. Dress to understand this point, only interesting letters, transparent pure yarn, splicing of personalities and other fashion elements together, I believe in a youthful breath that will make you full!

02 Dare to break through, you should not have only one style. The first second or the girl of character, the next second to become a tomboy. The tendency of cold and cold stripes, narrow stripes, color stripes, simple stripes, can play many different tricks? Had stretched the thumb of the dress to point praise!

03 Midsummer means graduation season, and the best campus life is fleeting, now there is a small tail. Whether it’s with the best friends, or lovers of love, go to the cool seaside to take a trip, for the campus time to draw the perfect period. At this moment, the white dress appeared in time to accompany you through this precious time.

04 still in the workplace of an ignorant girl early, what dress is most appropriate is not very clear. Look or dress is the most understanding you shirt is a workplace where one must be a product dress the woman must be one product, the lotus leaf sleeve is the current element of summer, this dress is very good for gifts, can lose the vitality of fashion, simple

05 Working 2 years you grow up a lot, dress up and dress up to find your style. Yellow wheat is a symbol of complete harvesting, and a V-colored chiffon dress that shows the classy side of the woman, the place of the skirt the irregular hem is icing on the cake and makes the fashion sense stand out.

06 Of course, not only the time when the girls can grow up at work, but also get a sweet love in life, and open a new life with the other half. The right person to accompany the holiday coincides, to talk about walking the trip, enjoy the freedom of the world completely two people. Going out to play, the vitality of green printing looking at the mood is very good, very suitable for outing, gentle and elegant chiffon fabric and slim dress will definitely move your photos more beautifully.

72 people in the world, freedom is very good, but three people join hands more fully than happy. Time is already glowing in the intimacy to be the treasure mother, you should choose a natural cotton hemp fabric, the dress just passes, breathable, good, cool, comfortable, elegant hand-painted Chinese style, wearing a quiet and soft warm feeling.

08 Working life is stable, women also learn to love themselves. For simple and elegant printing and waist style beauty is very important but luxury mulberry silk fabrics are more concerned about the female element, known as the “Women’s second Skin” of silk, soft and smooth, long-term wear can also complement the body’s protein, its skin more moist and smoother, faster.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | blue bridesmaid dresses

A light ripe female co-application

A ripe woman of light must have the charm and temperament of a young woman, lovable and also a mature woman wearing. This is actually a more awkward condition, but too mature dresses are told to be old and scolded for pretending to be too cute and innocent. Take a look at the lighter cooked women of the next seven groups:

The 01 big race is very sweet, each race is carefully co-located, meticulous and delicate, in order not too sweet, body of clothes with black design, loose straight body stylish and thin.

02 Peach Red Dress, light ladies must see the lace and match ribbons, you brought the collar of the big U, revealed the charm of the clavicle, to the novel only romantic love, the hem of the lotus leaf side foil the curves of your slender legs.

03 Chiffon material is also very suitable for our beautiful light women, use of a contrasting color collocation, a bright and layered sensation, blowing wind, skirt flying, sweet and sexy.

04 Black and white classic color, a classy temperament like Hepburn, but when it comes to cute polka dots, the clip of the doll shirt or the inner arc is measured, it is not underestimated.

05 Handsome girls, standard shopping dress-up. A cotton three-dimensional flower waist dress with a patent tip flat shoes, a color cap, does not reveal an epidemic, but it is not an inferior feeling. The combination of hand-painted and stereo textures is a very smart design.

06 Big bows, thinking is kind of romantic detail, use of the flash fabric to make, fashion sense immediately, up. The big cuff pendant feels very thin and the jeans sock does not miss a slim leg, a light-cooked female mm personality, OH.

07 Strong contrast color colocation, but calm and quiet, the key is in the coat for the hip, with a new embroidered flower decorative design, a stitch of cotton linens and satin of the same color, the natural processing of the folds, the more plump mm can also be guaranteed to wear.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | gold bridesmaid dresses