How to fit seven pants?

Do you know what “Chinese-style white color” is? This is a derogatory explanation, if you wear tight trousers in the butt of two deep pants, will explain because you do not let their full discounts, how to match seven pants

Permanent, with white shirts and jeans, the point is that the trousers should be tight, but also the body proportions can be longer and not intentional, so be careful that your feet can roll up the trousers along the more slender, casually present popular. In addition, the choice of accessories is more noticeable for the good, otherwise the white shirt is easy to fall into the cliché.

B. The focus of the flower ware is that the lower body of the garment color must be adjusted for the main color of the shirt, the accessories are at least one color jump comparison. If you don’t have a pocket behind your pants, you should pay special attention to the choice of underwear, unless you have a very strong butt, otherwise you should wear “thong”.

C is in the summer, most of the girls like you know that your flaws reveal such clothes that if your muscles are not tight or not worn, wear bright colored pants. The color of the underwear suitable for skin color or close to transparent, otherwise, people can not condemn the “little flower pants” laugh and you have to wear “thong”, or the butt will look like “4”.

D, an air-conditioned office building, wearing a beautiful little vest, a smart choice, a relaxed and comfortable style can easily adapt to any of your movements. The fabric is relatively firm pants on top of the underwear is not picky, choose your style, some insurance, you can wear the edge of the underwear.

If your working environment does not require positive clothing, you can relax yourself and be comfortable, but jeans style should be in a concise style, don’t wear too battered “. The underwear has a wide range of options and the clean, translucent style is very sexy and comfortable to wear.

F, bright colors make people’s spirits with excitement as well, a simple woven short sleeve shirt with seven point trousers is the most concise in summer office wear. -The feeling of women stand out from the silk towel in the waist, the back of the buttocks has a pocket decorating, but can not neglect the detail of the pants, the buttocks style of the package is more suitable, it may further enhance the hip line.

G Choose a different cap lace texture soon, with some nifty feeling of dress more suitable for young girls. The dark plaid of seven-point trousers also added some United Kingdom temperament. I want to choose a thin edge without underwear and no trace, otherwise I would add the mark of the hips to the pattern of the plaid and make the hips whirled.

H is actually the best can also be worn in the office, the important thing is to wear the way, the sheer hurdle vest is certainly not excessive, plus the cowboy vest, of course, to allow your working environment. The choice of underwear is more spontaneity, and comfortable cotton underwear is selected, but there is a need to roll the hips or there will be a trace.Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses |

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