Summer Makeup Tips 5 Strokes

One stroke color eye shadow approach pop

The most noticeable part of make-up is the color section which is exactly lip and eye shadow. Because eyes are the windows of the heart, eyes stand out more. Therefore, you should carefully decorate the eye color. Eye shadow can give you most eye makeup effects, eye shadow can increase the stereoscopic eye, but you can also play the role of eye enlargement through the use of color to change the eye type. For example, the eye shadow is applied to the base of the eyelash, and then the eyes are enlarged through the subtle eye shadow dye. You can also smear the eye sockets with mascara with the same color eye shadow and effectively enlarge the contour of the eye.

Tell me your tricks.

The eye shadow is divided into three types: powder, liquid and paste. Generally speaking, the eye shadow powder is better, its color is good, easy to take off makeup, liquid eye shadow transparency and smoothness is excellent. Powder eye shadow is easy to start for beginners, the disadvantage is that easy to take off the makeup. But I can teach you a small way to take off your makeup: Using the powder before the fundus, I use cream makeup with full eye shadow and moisturizing lotion, and then I use the eye shadow to smear it, and, finally, I do the makeup with powder and do not have to worry about the makeup problem of the powder eye shadow.

Also, in the use of eye shadow, there are basic principles: puffy eyes do not use light and bright eye shadows, so the eyes are more puffy; In comparison to the deep concave eye, the eyes can also be strengthened through dark eye shadows, but because dark-eyed shadows may seem to be more blunt in general, Brown and orange eye Shadow is suitable for most people, has a role in improving skin color, and is usually better suited for Asian women than using light-colored eyeshadow to dye. And the Pink series is good for white skin, so it is generally good for some young women to use.

The second trick is to use eyeliner to brighten your eyes.

Eye makeup, eyeliner plays a very important role, because of the color strength of the eyeliner, can make the eyes bigger, brighter, more appearance, as well as enhance the attractiveness of women in particular.

Eyeliner can highlight the stereoscopic effect of the eye, and it also has a complementary effect of adjusting the eye type and correcting eye defects. Generally speaking, in the middle of our eyes, if the eyeliner is relatively short, the whole eye will appear larger; If you put the eyeliner longer, the eye liner will appear more classic if the eyeliner is higher than the time, so long and somewhat (, the eyes of the female will be particularly attractive if the eyeliner looks narrower. Therefore, the use of eyeliner is really very skilled, but to remind the female friends, the eye line is too thin and if too thin, the eyes will not be narrower.

Tell me your tricks.

It’s important to draw eyeliner, but it’s not easy to draw eyeliner. Do not underestimate these two eyeliner, a little picture, to diminish your beauty significantly. How to introduce a girl friend to a beginner’s makeup: Put a mirror on the table, fix it on the desktop, and look at the plane table on the mirror, along the lines, after painting, more research, after a long time, you must be able to develop a good eyeliner of real Kung Fu, to draw a line, you must draw the eyeliner. Usually liquid eyeliner is often difficult to master with cosmetic techniques, tell you a small way to use liquid eyeliner: Use eyeliner to fix the first line shape and use eyeliner to complete makeup.

Also, at the time of eyeliner, the first eye shadow or the line of vision? If you want to make eye liner more eye-catching, you need to first turn on eye shadow, the final eyeliner. If you want to keep your eyeliner longer, first turn your eyeliner on and your eye shadow, eye shadow and fixed makeup.

3 Strokes Curl Eyelash

On the eye makeup side, you have a relatively core link and use good mascara. The thick mascara has the effect of lifting the eyes, but at the same time, it is possible to enhance the exquisite sense and feminine taste of the woman. Generally, a single eyelid and eyelash is relatively short and suitable for the use of double eyelid curls, long mascara, it can make the eyes bigger and brighter. Tenuous, light eyelashes are suitable for the use of encrypted mascara, it can be made for thin eyelashes and weak eyelashes.

You should increase the weight of eye distance, eye middle and inner eye mascara to increase the density of the outer eyelash as much as possible with a close eye, an outside eyelash and a mascara. This makes a reasonable adjustment of the eye distance.

Tell me your tricks.

How can you make better mascara on the ground easier? This problem often haunts many female friends. In fact, the right mascara has a small way: Good mascara before the first used Vaseline or baby oil mascara, this has a protective effect on the eyelashes. After the first mascara brush ends up completely dry, hold the eyelash clip eyelashes. This time, using the eyelash clip, clip the eyelashes to 90 degrees of direction, so that the eyelash is more type, as it rolls up, is also more solid. After the clip will continue to be the second layer of mascara, so the eyelashes brush up more to make it look nicer, and this way the eyelash effect should eventually be extra mascara long and curly. The bushy curls of the eyelashes are crisp and bright eyes of the core link, if you want to make the eyelashes more attractive, you can polish the first time after the mascara, and some high density powder flutter, this way again the second brush, the eyelash is very

4 Lip Makeup Natural charm invincible

Lip makeup is a very noticeable point in full face makeup, we know that women’s lips are the sexiest, most moving part of women. The lip makeup color is generally red, the red is the longest wavelength in all colors, but also uses the most eye-catching, most dazzling colors. So the makeup of the lips affects the makeup of the whole face very much. If women only have cosmetics, they must be lipstick.

Currently, Lip cosmetics has three categories, one is a traditional lipstick, one is lip gloss, and one is lip-honey. Lipsticks are relatively strong, easy to deform, but not relatively easy to carry, and contain a lot of wax that is rich in color brightness and saturation. Lip gloss is a modern product, but the color is natural and rich, relatively moist, shiny, but also can meet the demands of modern youth for fashion makeup, rubbing on the lips of more frivolous. Lip gloss is an evolutionary product of lip gloss and is more shiny and complete than lip gloss.

Tell me your tricks.

Natural Lip color, the main point of these years of popular makeup, is essential to achieve good natural lip color, lip maintenance. Now I’m going to teach you how to protect your lips: some stars brush their lips lightly with a weekly toothbrush. Remove the rough dead skin one week, and the two parts can cover the top and bottom lips of the film, Save, Cut, before the cover should be applied to the lips of the layers of Vaseline or lip balm, finally, the fresh film is ready to be tightly covered in the lips after 10 minutes, you can get to apply lip balm, then hold onto the lips again, to remove the film, then bid and rip the natural beauty. It is also noteworthy that it is important to develop the daily use of lip balm.

Professional makeup artist believes that the key to a good lipstick is to choose the right color. The lipstick is divided into two main colors: one is warm, one is a cold color. Warm color refers to colors such as orange, Brown red, big red, and warmer colored lipsticks are darker yellow females that are better suited for skin use, so it is generally the most Asian women used in color. The cold color is pink, although it is more suitable for Rose, purple Red and other red systems, in general for white skin, in fact, whether your skin is very white, it can be used as a cold color or a warm colored system.

5 Recruit Makeover What do you finally want to notice?

Make-up final makeup processing, usually the most important part. Art works, often the last pen is the core of the pen. The process of make-up is also very important, the last stroke of the “pen” to create a work of art. The last part of makeup is blushing. The blush has a good effect to straighten the shape of the face, but the improper usage such as too high would backfire, it will lengthen the face too low, the whole face makes it look heavier and lighter, and if it is too small, like a clown, it will be noted to draw a very good blush, because if the area is too big, the whole face looks very dirty.

Tell me your tricks.

Different makeup artists have different make-up orders, most of the makeup artists first draw the eye to the bottom, first to catch and blush, the final lips. But the most experienced makeup artist should be at the core of the blush, put to do at the end. Because blushing has a proper adjustment to the whole face. The biggest role of blushing is to enhance the face of the three-dimensional, blush of makeup and at the same time, appears more stylish, more fashionable sense. However, you want to give the whole makeup to add a point where you must choose the color of the blush. So, how to choose your own blush? Usually, the blushing has two large colors, one is a large color orange, and another big color is pink division. The natural color of Orange is also called warm tone. It emphasizes the natural color of the skin and can suggest a darker complexion for women to use. The pink system emphasizes the feeling of complexion and transparency, and suits the skin white like a woman. Traditional blush is generally a powder, but now it has a new product, such as a liquid blush, and a blushing paste. The blushing and pasting liquid can be close to the skin, but also has a better sense of natural and transparency and smoothness, suggesting that a woman’s friend of beauty can choose to use.Read more at:plus size bridesmaid dresses | bridesmaids dresses

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