Nice shirt with belt

The shirt is not a man’s exclusive, many women have shirts as a necessary fashion in the closet, whether it is the basic version or design, almost a few hands. And, in recent years, more and more women’s shirts to join, last year’s big fire shirt skirt is not greasy, this year there are more wear, shirts with belts or waist-style shirt! Let’s have a quick look.

Shirt with Belt

Simple basic shirt with a capable air field, coupled with a belt, not only a few women’s taste, but also more obvious body thin, easy to break the original serious and formal sense of the shirt, whether it is the workplace or the street, can easily hold live.

Shirt skirt with a belt, but also keep the shirt of the capable and many of the sweet elegance of the dress, and the location of the belt just right to create the perfect proportion, lengthen the legs of the line Oh!

With lotus leaf design of the shirt is more sweet and romantic taste, but also with retro feelings! With high waist trousers to wear, not only to build a good figure, plus a waist to bring embellishment is more fashionable points!

Waist-type Shirt

Many shirts design from waist belt design, in the waist knot, not only show stature, but also with a kind of easy-free handsome feeling.

Last year’s big fire shirt skirt and belt This design, more personality and feminine flavor oh.

Shirt with waist.

The wide band waist is this year’s very fashionable single product, many fashionable big coffee almost wears any clothing all to match with one, very has individuality, and has the Retro Palace wind.

Shirt with Corset

Underwear to wear out of the fashion circle, shirt strap corset, is also a good choice oh.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses | multiway bridesmaid dress

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