David Geller

  • Thumbnail“Ok, Straight back. Ten feet, five feet, stop. Stop! STOP!” Have you ever been in a conversation like that with your spouse, on your boat? If your boat is reasonably sized then it has probably been pretty easy to […]

    • I think they do work great for big boats like you described in your article, but one thing to consider is they limit what you hear from the “outside” world — like a person saying “stop, your’re hitting our boat!” You wouldn’t think you’d need to hear somebody say that (actually, it was more of a yell) but apparently some people do.

      • You’re right about it being important to hear people and events around you – no matter what size boat you’re operating. Situational awareness is key. The Sena units have a nice fit which helps to isolate sound. I find that when I’m on the dock or on the bow I move one earpiece slightly askew. Then I can hear my crew and someone else, nearby. The Eartec units come with headsets that are quite a bit less sophisticated (and less comfortable) and, by their nature, don’t restrict external noise as well, allowing you to pick up other audio sources.

  • ThumbnailThis year we decided to try something new for our winter break – cruise to Vancouver, spend a few days downtown and then bus to Whistler for skiing.

    Planning started in early November when we began thinking […]


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