Back Reflection Protection Technology for Fiber Laser

With the increasing popularity of fiber lasers in metal sheet metal cutting and welding applications, users are increasingly aware of one of the weaknesses of fiber lasers: they are susceptible to damage from backlit reflections from metal parts.

If the 20mw laser pointer retroreflective protection capability is not strong enough, even if the high power QBH or QD transport fiber designed to withstand the kilogram of retroreflective peeling off the fiber cladding, the back-emitting laser beam passes through the fiber core of the transfer line Reflected back into the fiber inside the laser. Even technology-leading fiber laser manufacturers have experienced a variety of painful lessons, system integrators have realized that the laser fiber coupler, or laser module will be damaged.

blue laser pointer

The new CF series lasers already incorporate advanced back-to-back reflection technology and a well-dispersed, retroreflective laser, stripping off the back-reflecting burning laser pointer beam and providing safe consumption at the critical point of the laser by proprietary pattern stripping Scattered interference light. This sophisticated retro-reflective technology has been tested and its robustness has been proven to be more sensitive to back-reflecting lasers in kilowatt-class fiber amplifiers. The combination of these retroreflective protection schemes in the new CF series fiber lasers verifies its unparalleled performance in cutting and welding a wide variety of highly reflective metal materials with a thickness ranging from <0.5mm to thickness to 25mm.

In contrast to the usual performance of third parties, and depending on the material and settings, the fiber laser has a retroreflective capability of up to 3 to 30 times the resistance due to its special optical configuration. In particular, the CF laser system incorporates these protection schemes that have demonstrated the offset error of the focal position in the millimeter scale that allows large amounts of brass and brass to be tested. Compared to other fiber high power laser pointer manufacturers, it shows a smaller focus position offset error; when operating a CF laser with a unique proprietary protection scheme, the reliability of the laser and the performance of almost no failure have been demonstrated.

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