crushing principle advanced for sale

Stone crushing equipment to crushing principle advanced, directly on the material selective fragmentation and cleavage breakage, the days running for 14 hours, the hourly output of 520 tons, and made great contribution to the last year of India expressway construction project.

Because of the highway construction has achieved great success, this stone crushing equipment play sand machine to garbage crushing field to receive promotion application.

In order to overcome the large India existing building garbage problem, Zenith technical team made many attempts, eventually determine the treatment scheme of mobile and automatization.

Stone crushing equipment are completely eliminates the space, environment, complicated configuration and complex logistics base bring customers crushing operation obstacles, remote configuration of automation can realize remote operation, free to shift production direction, adjustable and high adaptability.

Because the stone crushing equipment is used in crushing principle stone dozen stone, construction waste has been processed completely can solve the land occupation and environmental pollution problems of the original, was broken into and can also be made into new concrete aggregate after processing equipment of powder material, to achieve the reuse of resources.

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