different Raymond mill models price

Raymond mill industry range and a variety of mineral milling, biochemical ore, coal, and various fine processing of soil materials, at the same time, strict rules. Its applicable material Mohs hardness must be less than nine and three, the material humidity is not higher than 6%.

For the Raymond model, we know the following: First, we divide it by the mechanical structure of the Raymond: the 3R Raymond, the 4R Raymond, the 5R Raymond, and even the 6R / 7R Different forms of the more common Raymond mill equipment. Second, through the basic requirements applicable to different industries, Raymond mill series can be divided into different types: 2115, 2615, 2715, 3015, 4R2715 and other models are relatively applicable and all kinds of small and medium-sized mines, Chemistry, building materials, metallurgy, high-precision equipment.

Is also a new type of milling machine instead of ball mill processing powder, all kinds of technical indicators have reached the advanced domestic level. The above series for the Raymond mill strict division, and for different Raymond mill models using different more adapted models to achieve a multiplier effect, to maximize its superiority and efficiency.

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