Regular maintenance and repair of crusher

In the long-term use , mechanical parts wear out , the gap may increase , and the matching configuration may change, so due to the construction waste recycling equipment and balance may be damaged , resulting in a decreasing stability, reliability and efficiency , even with permanent damage to the assembly and parts.

Therefore, we must establish an effective mechanism for mechanical mine management , in particular to strengthen the machinery and equipment maintenance management, and strictly enforce the rules and regulations . Combined with the actual situation, we can scientifically and effectively , rationally develop a maintenance plan . A specially designated person shall be responsible for inspection and maintenance work carried out in a timely manner in accordance with wear. Regular maintenance and repair records should be kept .

Routine inspection work should be strengthened inspection results must be recorded in detail , including not only the previous maintenance records , parts replacement record, but also a day of work conditions and workload records to easily analyze and determine mechanical failure , timely and accurate manner to eliminate hidden dangers .

Strengthen management, establish and improve the maintenance of rules and regulations, and stressed the importance of management ; complete statistics system and the major and minor fault records ; personnel should reward and punishment rules are clear respective responsibilities ; oversee the purchase and processing of accessories should be strengthened to ensure the quality and quantity of parts.

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