maintenance measures of ultrafine mill

The maintenance of ultrafine mill needs to be carried out according to different seasons. For example, it is necessary to cool down during the summer, and no cooling operation is required during the winter, but winters will require other maintenance operations.
ultrafine mill is widely used in the production of ultrafine powders for mining, construction, chemical engineering, and cement industries. Some industries are indoors, but some industries need to be outdoors when they are produced. This is very cold. In the winter, the production of the machine will be obstructed. Therefore, in the winter, care should be taken to change the maintenance measures of the ultrafine mill machine. What is the difference between the maintenance measures of this season and other seasons?
Let’s introduce the place where the ultrafine mill is maintained all the year round to prevent the entry of foreign materials to the damage of the fittings. At ordinary times, we must pay attention to maintenance. Lubricants should be added in a timely manner. Regularly check to see if the screws are loose or not. The materials required by the machine, etc. These measures are all intended to prolong the life and prevent the damage of the ultrafine mill.
Secondly, in different places, the weather in winter is relatively cold. If the ultrafine mill machine is outdoors, it may be “frozen”. This mainly refers to the fact that the oil is frozen and polluted and the engine is difficult to start.

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