how to reduce wear and tear roller and wear

As the second largest city in Anhui Province, was named by Dr. Sun Yat-sen as ‘the backbone of the Yangtze River and Anhui Province.’ In recent years, Economic Development Zone in the latest rise of the economic pillar of the mill in the application of new materials. Many enterprises are reflected in the work of the mill will appear wear rings and grinding roller wear, we have invited a ore milling equipment over the years to study the old engineers, on behalf of manufacturers to solve problems in the operation of equipment.
Reporter: Hello, need a lot of economic development process bentonite powder, quartz powder, zinc ore powder, etc. These products need to mill processing, the most vulnerable parts of the equipment is what?
Manufacturer: We can get a mill design schematic, so you can see clearly. In the grinding process often collide with the material parts, the most prone to wear is the grinding ring and grinding roller. If you want to process the ore hardness is relatively high, these two parts wear faster.
Reporter: That affect the grinding ring and the impact of roller wear speed What are the factors?
Manufacturers: The first point is the hardness of the material I just mentioned, if the material hardness is higher than the hardness of the mill material, the wear rate is quite fast. For example, there are two production lines, the same equipment provided by ore milling equipment manufacturers, a production of marble powder, a production of bentonite powder, then in these two production lines milling machine parts wear degree is certainly not the same.

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