ultrafine mill process troubleshooting

ultrafine mill in the use of the process there will always be some failure, it is understandable. But in the face of these failures, are you at your fingertips? Well, letĀ  give you a summary of it.
The so-called What kind of disease to eat medicine, for the sameĀ ultrafine mill, different troubleshooting methods are not the same. The following has been classified as a problem, please read carefully one by one.
About ultrafine mill powder failure:
One problem: ultrafine mill powder or powder less output
Causes: (1) lock powder is not adjusted well, the seal is not strict, resulting powder down suction. (2) large blade wear, material shovel can not afford.
Remedy: (1) Check and adjust the lock powder seal, leaks should be found blade. (2) replace the new blade.
Question 2: ultrafine mill finished powder too thick, or too thin
Causes: (1) analysis of blade wear serious, can not afford the role of grading. (2) Fan air flow is not appropriate.
Remedy: (1) replace the blade length appropriate to turn off the fan to solve the air volume too thick. (2) Too small should increase the amount of imported air.

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