Application of Raymond mill in stone industry

Raymond mill is mainly used in the hardness of not more than 7 of the material mining smash processing, finished powder can be used for all man-made materials, natural rubber, paint plastics, cosmetics, glass, medicine More than 20 kinds of daily chemicals and other products for filling materials, Raymond mill manufacturers of grinding mill, including Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, high pressure micro-grinding, through centrifugal grinding, over pressure trapezium grinding, three Ring in the speed of grinding, three roller grinding these categories.
Raymond mill manufacturers of milling equipment is well-known Raymond mill brand, milling machine is composed of milling, analysis, dust system composed of three major raw materials through the ultra-fine milling machine processing from Once the particles are shaped to powder, the fineness is stable and the probability of screening is more than 99%.
Raymond mill manufacturers produce ultra-fine Raymond mill, compared with the traditional Raymond mill, ultra-fine milling machine to produce more than 400 mesh fineness of finished products, and the system work Efficiency compared to the traditional Raymond grinding high, the machine within the product classification system is more complete, can be a good cell phone a lot of fine powder to avoid the machine due to separation of rough energy consumption caused by waste. In addition, Raymond mill factory production Raymond mill is a three-dimensional mechanical structure, covers an area compared to the general Raymond mill is more small, from raw materials to finished powder can be a separate production system, Controllability is also easy for production workers to operate.

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