ultrafine mill used in gypsum

The company developed and produced ultrafine mill can be used for gypsum mill production, this article in the gypsum mill production of this product plays an important role in the distribution and the main distribution of gypsum for your simple introduction, I hope for you Ore milling production will bring some help.
Gypsum is an important chemical, construction and other industries used raw materials, processing and production of gypsum has been subject to the industry’s attention. China is a country rich in mineral resources. There are a large number of gypsum minerals distributed in about 23 provinces or regions in China, and it is also the main site for the processing of gypsum ore in China. In terms of the distribution of domestic gypsum mining areas, there are more distributions in the eastern part of China, of which the gypsum production in Shandong is equal to 65% of the total gypsum mineral reserves in the country; the second is the distribution of gypsum in the major areas Hunan, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and other regions. Most of these areas are unevenly distributed, but their reserves are also quite abundant. The areas where the distribution of domestic gypsum minerals is relatively small are mainly located in the western part of the country, such as Shanxi and Guangxi. In addition, Nanjing area, Jilin area also has a wide distribution.
Ultrafine mill is a series of equipment which can grind ore materials in the mill products. The ultrafine mill products developed and produced by the company include 130X series, CM series and LUM series, etc., but different series Gypsum products can be grind to get the fineness of different sizes, they can be gypsum grinding of a smaller fineness of 200 mesh, and gypsum grinding can be more fine size is 2500 mesh, the user can according to their own Need to choose the right mill products, and then adjust the size of the fineness of the material, you can get the desired product.

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