stone production line use portable crusher plant

With the ore processing production is constantly expanding and increasing demand on processing conditions, stone emerge as the times require portable crusher plant. The device can not be influenced by the processing place constraints, can move freely to the production lines, reduce the production cost of long distance.
The equipment after the market, get around the ore processing manufacturers favor, in order to better understand the stone portable crusher plant performance, reporters in recent months successively visited the country stone crushing the specific use of mobile station. In mid November, reporters have visited the mobile crushing ore processing production field station in Shenyang, Xuzhou, Ma’anshan, Baoji and other places, the first station came to the outskirts of Ma’anshan mobile stone processing field, which is constructed by a local businessman of the project, the project to introduce the Shanghai Zenith mobile station broken stone production line.
At the production site, the reporter saw two giant crushing screening station consists of a spectacular production line, a loader put pieces of rock into the feeder, these materials instant disappeared, just a few minutes later, from the other end of the production of a variety of different coarse aggregate machine, the other a loader busy to regeneration aggregate to the truck. Responsible person told us, these aggregate was taken to a nearby building, road construction project sites, because of low cost, high quality, so compared with the natural river sand, has a great competitive advantage, building contractor boss have prepayment capital.

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