Traffic construction needs high-quality aggregate

Traffic construction is a major hallmark of speeding up the process of city, improve traffic system can vigorously promote urban integration, and produce the enormous economic benefits to the portable crusher plant. Qinghai province in 2013 to continue to increase in the investment of highway construction, construction projects completed highway 309 Dora ma ke to Heteropoly highway, 312 provincial highway asphalt of Zhen Qin to chindu highway concrete pavement engineering.
Traffic construction needs high-quality aggregate, plus the terrain in Qinghai Province special, plateaus and mountains are in the majority, which bring difficulty to production line layout. Research by the decision, in order to reduce the transportation cost, the realization of aggregate local production and use, choose the impact of portable crusher plant, do a good job in the rear aggregate production work successfully, Qinghai urban traffic hub.Qinghai province Xiangride to Huashixia highway, highway construction tea card to Golmud is being carried out in full swing, the project will have a high standard of environmental indicators, aggregate quality. As a modular mobile energy-saving environmental protection crusher station, highway construction projects in Qinghai province has shown a great advantage.
First of all, from the structural advantages of the device, module of a portable crusher plant is crushing processing complete sets of equipment of a feeding, conveying, crushing, crushing and fine crushing, screening, dust and so on the many kinds of technology as one of the high degree of integration, modularization.

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