ezTalks: three major functions to enhance the experience of videoconferencing

I believe we have used video conferencing, remote training, recording live broadcast products, the use of the process, you most afraid to see what?

Scenario 1: Password is wrong
Scene 2: function so much, but will not use
Scene three: I have not decided to buy which, just want to compare the experience of several products first
Scene 4: I have bought, is being used, you can have a function how to use suddenly forgotten, I need the technology of remote assistance

These questions, we all think for everyone, we ezTalks has also been very attentive to the customer experience, online demo, online help, apply for a free trial, etc., is that we enhance the customer experience to do the design satisfaction.

Online demo

New to get started with a product, is not it would like to have a personal hand to teach you how to use?

EzTalks too understand you, in our windows system, Apple MAC system, Android system, Apple IOS system, ezTalks meeting terminal, etc., landing the conference start interface, while intimate access to the demo room, watch customer service online products Demonstration of the function, every Monday to Friday 8: 45-21: 00 will be received, Saturday 8: 45-18: 00 colleagues also provide presentation services.

online support

Yes, some users do not like to see other people demo, like their own to study, for such users, we have a landing interface to help the function, click, you can and technical brother online text exchange, look at the product manual And common problems. And we can record the operation of the video can be played. Users can also in this interface to our product manager to make recommendations for product improvement. Our 400-9900-967 is available for 7 * 24 hour technical support.

Free trial

We have interested in understanding our products to provide customers with free 3 days 5 account trial service, the user can https://www.eztalks.com/, we in Andrews and Apple’s mobile phone software login interface, computer software Of the landing interface, apply for an enterprise free trial account, easy to complete the registration trial experience.

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