How to Produce a Collaborative Atmosphere for Interactive Video

Nowadays most teams rely on technology to produce video collaborate, however the executives still find it hard to obtain workforce correctly. Based on certain experts, a primary reason behind this is that there is the disparity exist in virtual conferences. Disparity may be the structural variations that appear at individuals, in-house and remote, face during conferences. Because of the disparity, they can’t be productive and collaborate well, which causes stress and frustration within the attendees, as well as affects the company. For this reason, you have to try to produce a collaborative atmosphere for interactive video. But how can you do this? Well, just start following tips given below. In fact, a powerful and excellent video collaboration software, ezTalks Meetingscan help you to solve the problem.

  1. Make use of the Right Camera

In case you really are thinking about creating an effective feeling of connection inside your interactive video, you’ve got to be in the position to hear and find out everybody (the remote attendees), and a terrific way to achieve this is to make use of a camera which has a wide-position lens. At the time, you need a video collaboration software with full HD video-ezTalks Meeting. There’s two advantages you will experience if you are using a large position camera lens. Firstly, they’ll help embellish the point of view and therefore make things look like closer than they are really. Next, everything come in sharp focus and appearance inside the frame. A large position camera will really cause you to feel correctly connected, and also with this particular connectedness, people do not need to sit too near with each other to enable them to be viewed. Simultaneously, you don’t need to worry if individuals are seeing the screens in focus, a wide position lens always helps everybody to see things just perfectly as though everyone was present there.

  1. Make Certain Frequency Higher Well

If throughout the video conference you aren’t able to hear others well, then it can result in miscommunication, and may even cause frustration within the attendees. However, you needn’t worry, as developments in technology, HD loudspeakers and microphones have been produced, which work perfectly and aren’t even costly. When you pay for loudspeakers or microphones to want to get high-quality audio conference, you have to find out about their echo and noise cancellation as essential fundamental features that can help make certain that background noises don’t bother you, and you will simply enjoy proper clearness throughout the conferences. Also, it gives importance towards the room in which you hold the conference. A correctly furnished room will absorb the noise and therefore result in the sweeter audio. You might place acoustic panels in your meeting room’s walls and rug around the hard floor as it won’t allow the voice bounce within the room, thus making an excellent experience. Do keep these points in your mind, because they do affect the interactive video experience.

  1. Make Use of a Giant Screen

We all like playing the most popular game or watching the most popular movie on the giant screen, and that’s since it results in a great viewing experience. Inside a video conference, big screens help to make certain that everybody is visible correctly, without strain towards the eyes, and in addition, it’s thought that it causes a rise in productivity. Based on a research conducted in Utah, it has been discovered that people finish their tasks a great deal (as much as 52 percent) faster with using large monitors coupled with an excellent experience. Some designers also suggest that place over one screen within the conference room and take advantage of each screen for various purposes, like discussing slides, conversing face-to-face, and so forth.

  1. Make Use of the Right Kind of Light

It’s a well-known proven fact that many people are very mindful of how they look like in the camera. Now, this really is something can’t afford during interactive video because there are important issues being discussed. So, to handle this problem, you should utilize lighting for your benefit. It will likely be better to use soft lights inside your video conference room as people generally go looking best under this type of light. You also can use a nice overhead light or place some lamps on windows. It, however, still is going to be easier for you to test out light plans before you discover the perfect combination.

  1. Produce a Relaxed Seating Atmosphere

To produce a perfect collaborative video conference atmosphere, you have to give importance towards the seating plan too. Instead of following the same kind of boardroom style, in which the table takes the middle stage with a couple of small tables around, it will likely be ideal to produce a relaxed atmosphere. This sort of setup allows the guests to stretch and stand, as a result, it will make them to become more relaxed and mindful. You also may set a lounge in which you should use couches and occasional tables to produce a nicely slow paced life, that’s favorable to produce good collaboration.

  1. Make Use of the Right Interactive Video Software

Now you understand how to produce a good collaborative interactive video atmosphere, you should realize that using right interactive video software also necessary for enjoy success. In view of this situation, you’ve limitless choices with regards to such software, but to savor an excellent experience, you have to accept nothing under the very best, and also you can find the best ends with ezTalks Meetins. ezTalks Meetings offers professional and simple video conferencing services which help make business online collaboration a great deal simpler. Some features that you could enjoy, including instant screen sharing, innovative white board, HD audio and video, cross-platform chat, recording and playback, proper control and management, and great arrangement and scheduling. You might also need various plans to select from – the disposable Starter plan, and also the Pro, and Enterprise plans, at very nominal rates.

Following these points will certainly assist you in making the right interactive video atmosphere, and when you accomplish it exactly, your company will definitely enjoy more growth, better profits, along with a better future.

The Advantages of Face to Face Meetings

Earlier, face to face meetings were the only option when people had to communicate ideas or hold discussions with one another. However, with the progress in technology, easier methods of communications were introduced, and people could host meetings virtually using popular software like ezTalks. Undoubtedly, such tools made life a lot easier, helped save both time and money that would be invested in traveling to and from the meeting location, and thus people gladly started embracing the idea of virtual meetings. Yet, face to face meetings have not been become completely extinct, and can never will, owing to various benefits they offer. So, without further wait let us get to learn about a few face to face meeting advantages.

The Main Advantages of Face to Face Meetings:

1. It Gives You the Chance to Understand their Body Language

Communication is not necessarily conveyed through words alone, and you can understand a lot if you carefully observe the body language of a person and the small signs he/she gives through facial expressions and hand gestures. You need not be any expert to understand these signs, as you subconsciously will be able to figure them out. Email or a phone call conversation does not allow you to read these signs, but the fact is if you are able to read the body language of people it can prove to be immensely beneficial for you. You will be able to understand much more than what the person is actually telling you. For instance, if your client tells you that they completely agree with what suggestions you have offered, but their body language suggests otherwise, and you are able to spot these signs then you can suggest them some alternative ideas, or try to reassure them.

2. It Helps Make Focusing Easier

Technology has both its pros and cons. Virtual meetings are certainly very beneficial and attractive, but in this world of multitasking, chances are bright that during the meeting people may be involved in other tasks as well, like checking emails, which will not allow them to fully concentrate on what is being shared in the meeting. However, in face to face meetings chances of multitasking are very rare and this is one of the most important face to face meeting benefits. It is because such meetings are more engaging, and people also have the fear that they may get noticed if they try to do something else, and thus full or maximum concentration is sure to be enjoyed in such meetings.

happy face clip art free

3. It Is Appreciated By Clients

Yes, you will have to put in extra efforts, manage your schedule, and steal time to visit your client’s office for a face to face meeting, and though this may seem a little troublesome, your clients will appreciate all the trouble you have taken. This further helps you create a great positive impression. Your client is likely to feel that as you have put in efforts into visiting them personally in this world of virtual meetings, it means you give a lot of importance to your work and that extra personal touch is crucial for you. This, in turn, will make your business relation stronger and thus prove to be immensely beneficial.

4. It Helps Develop Trust and Transparency Easily

Almost all of us do this sometime or the other-we use emails when we want to ignore some action. However, this is something that is not easy to do on someone’s face, and thus actual meetings can help develop a climate of more trust. This can prove to be very helpful when you are trying to develop strong business relationships. Furthermore, it is easier to convince someone during face to face interaction, so if you need to influence or persuade people over some important matter, then it will be best to meet them in person.

5. It Proves to Be More Effective

In-person meeting or face to face communication can help improve efficiency. Instead of spending your entire day sending and receiving emails, you can rather meet in person and discuss all details of a meeting. As the overall energy is higher during such meets, it will help boost creativity, and thus you can brainstorm and solve many problems at the same time. Also, face to face meetings will prove to be more effective for those who are not really comfortable with written communications. After, all everyone has their own preferences, and some find it easier when they communicate with people personally.

These are some of the common advantages of face to face meetings. Virtual meetings, using tools like ezTalks are also important, and it is just that a balance between the two needs to be maintained. When in need of quick solutions virtual meetings can be organized, but when you need to enjoy a more personal touch and have enough time, then a face to face meeting can be arranged.

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Incredible Ways to Improve Your Online Study Skills

Gone are days when you had to travel a long distance to a traditional classroom to undertake your favorite course. Nowadays, with the advent of computers and dedicated online study software, online course and learning have made things completely different. It could be you have just enrolled in your first online course, which is pretty good, but do you have the skills necessary for completing the course? Does it need the same, less, or more level of commitment just the like the traditional classroom setup you are used to? What are some of the best skills and strategies required for studying in an online learning environment?

online study skills

There is no doubt that taking online studies can be incredibly convenient for many learners. Nonetheless, this type of learning requires self-discipline, strong motivation, and effective time management skills as it may be quite challenging for online students to complete their courses successfully. To help online learners achieve their educational objectives, here below are some of the incredible ways on how to improve online study skills:

1. Stay motivated

Online courses best suit people who want to advance their level of education while doing other things like working in an organization, but it is always challenging to stay motivated and demonstrate a high level of self-discipline, which are crucial study skills for online students. To develop this skill, it is needed that you do not underestimate the efforts required to commit fully to your online course. Some of the tips that help online students stay engaged and motivated through an online course include the following:

• Staying positive about your education and career
• Creating a study routine
• Always reward yourself each time you complete a difficult task
• Have your study space decorate with inspirational quotes related to your course

2. Have reliable online learning tools

Another way to improve your online study skills course is to ensure you have reliable online learning tools. As we all know, technology mishaps do happen, and it might happen when you need it most, perhaps in the middle of an online exam! To avoid such situations, first, ensure you have a reliable internet access. Second, get the best online learning software, and the best-being ezTalks Meetings and much more. Lastly, ensure you have a backup for all your online course learning materials and assignments. By and large, having reliable learning tools will help you stay up-to-date with your e-learning course.

3. Set realistic learning objective and goals

Another strategy to stay on track with your e-learning course and improve your study skills is to set realistic learning objectives and goals. Remember, different online courses are designed to have different workloads, which means you have to know precisely how much time is needed to complete your course to help is setting your objectives and goals. Since learning targets and goals are great roadmaps for online courses, it is essential that learners read their online course requirements carefully, come up with notes that are related to their objectives, and always ensure they have reviewed thoroughly to help them stay focused on their goals.

4. Ask for help when stuck

While it may be constructive to find a solution to your online course-related tasks independently, not contacting other people within your learning network for help when stuck can be problematic. Asking for help when you need it most is an excellent way to improve your online study skills courses. Remember, if you don’t ask for assistance when obligatory, you may end up trailing, which might lower your self-esteem towards the course. Try to get the most of the support from your e-learning course provider. Tutors and lecturers can as well guide you through the coursework. Support staffs are also beneficial as they assist learners with study tips, administrative issues, and professional contacts. In a nutshell, as an online student, your trainers understand that you have plenty of commitments and if things get on top of you, it is essential to let them know.

5. Engage in online discussions

Despite the fact that you are learning from dispersed locations, it does not mean that you are studying in isolation. Participating in online discussions with virtual classmates is one of the best ways to improve your online study skills and experiences. There are several ways to connect with other learners, often facilitated by the chosen online learning software. For instance, ezTalks Meetings allows participants to share screens, chat online, and so on. Typically, online learners should participate actively in group activities, online forums, and online discussions.

6. Take study breaks

Finally yet importantly, taking study breaks is one of the most ways to improve your online course study skills. It is evident that your performance will tend to decrease when you are feeling frustrated or tired while studying. It is therefore important to include some breaks into your study schedule. When taking such breaks, it is essential to get away from the study space, perhaps have a walk in the park. Upon resuming back to your studies, your mind will be clear, and you have renewed energy.


If you follow the ways as mentioned above to the latter, there is no doubt that you have learned incredible ideas that will ultimately help improve your online course learning skills. That being the case, your e-learning experience will be a lot of fun and enjoyable.

ezTalks: All About Remote Collaboration

Remote collaboration can be defined as a process that can be used to eliminate limitations of geographic location and developing team-spirit between the members of the teams of a business, regardless of their location in this world.

The success of remote collaboration depends upon the efforts made by an individual to develop communication between the members of the remotely placed teams and the central office to work like a team to achieve same target. It can help in maintaining balance between work and private life of the workers. It also helps in improving the productivity of the teams along with finding new opportunities without any consideration of their webinar software

It can be difficult to remain connected, brainstorming, resolve problems and improving the profits of the business unless the team connected to a project work in the same building or ground. But today many businesses have used remote collaboration techniques to expand their businesses throughout the world. Remote collaboration not only allows the businesses to improve their customer base but also increase their productivity by accessing wider range of talent away from their mainland. It also helps them in increasing their business without spending more on commuting their local workforce to remote video conferencing

Tools for Remote Collaboration

Remote collaboration has become possible with the help of several remote collaboration software options developed in recent years. These remote collaboration tools can help in bringing the members of remote teams closer to each other through conversation. Some of the popular remote collaboration tools are briefly discussed here under for your video chat

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

It is one of the best tools for remote collaboration as it can be used on all types of devices working on various platforms including Windows, Android, iOS and Mac etc. It allows you to communicate with up to 100 people all over the world at a time free of cost for up to 40 minutes. It is a great remote team collaboration tool because its HD quality video conferencing option allows you to talk with every team member regardless of his location in the world. Along with it ezTalks Cloud Meeting also helps in audio and video conferencing, remote control, recording and playback of the proceedings of online meetings, white boarding, annotation and sharing screen with any or all team members.hangouts alternative


This remote collaboration tool can be used efficiently managing notes and information while with team members of a project. It can help you to collect, share and save the documents easily. It is the best tool for the team members who want to share everything with each other to achieve the goal.


This world famous remote collaboration tool keeps the member of your remote teams connected with each other through its free video call service. You can link up with up to 10 persons at a time with its video conferencing option. Skype also allows crystal clear voice calls and directly calling the phones along with sending files and documents to your team. It can be used on all types of computing devices including desktops, tablets and mobile vs facetime


This remote collaboration tool helps the team members in uploading the things and keeping them accessible like a remote folder. Main reason of the popularity of this cloud based file sharing service is the free storage capacity provided by it for 2 GB which can be increased up to 18GB by referring it to your friends. It also allows your team members to post their comments on your current proposals and synchronize files and documents the computers of their colleagues along with assigning tasks to each other.


ezTalks: List of Best Video Conferencing Tools

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a versatile tool that incorporates various forms of communication within one package. You can be able to send text, live video and of course video chat with the tool. As part of the wider Google ecosystem, there are a couple more services that are incorporated within Hangouts. This product has been on the market for about 4 years now and it is definitely one of the most commonly used free video conferencing tools.

Google Hangouts

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This product is one of the finest choices in the market when it comes to video conferencing. ezTalks Cloud Meeting packs various features including video chatting and recording. There are also a plethora of tools for performing various video conferencing tasks. The tool is also very current as it provides all the desirable features in the modern world. Features like HD video recording and high definition audio are baked right into the tool. The tool is available for multiple platforms, making it one of the most resourceful tools in the market. There are many plans that come with this video conferencing tool and users are able to get up to 100-participant meetings on a free plan.webex alternative

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

3. Skype

Skype is probably one of the dated video conferencing tools in the market. This video chat tool by Microsoft has been on the market for over 13 years. While the tool has undergone various challenges throughout its lifespan, it is still one of the best free video conferencing tools for a reason. Skype has managed to constantly stay up to date by adopting new technologies and ideas. While it started off as a strictly Windows-based software, it is now available for all the major operating systems and platforms. Skype might have been surpassed by the newer tools in terms of functionality but it is still a reliable option.screen sharing software


4. Anymeeting

This web-based tool was previously known as Freebinar. The tool is great for video conferencing as it has many of the features found in premium alternatives. The tool is capable of handling up to 200 people in a particular conference while offering good quality of audio and video. Anymeeting is a tool that relies on advertisements to generate revenue. Thus, there are a couple of ads pushed to its users, although these ads are carefully presented in such a way that they do not cause inconveniences on the end users.


5. WebEx Meetings

WebEx by Cisco is a great choice if you are looking for the best video conferencing tool. This tool enjoys a massive backing from a successful communications systems company. With its huge clout and footprint in the market, Cisco has managed to create a tool that is full of features and functionalities. WebEx has been on the market for over 20 years and it has enjoyed a huge loyal clientele over those years. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a decent audio/video quality. Users are free to choose between the different packages offered by WebEx.


6. Tokbox

Tokbox video chat is a conferencing tool designed for the modern users. This tool has a creative integration of social media tools in such a way that it enhances efficiency and convenience. The tool is also capable of pushing video to social platforms like YouTube. While it is not necessarily capable of handling over 20 users at a time, the conferencing tool is unique for its progressive features and modern design. It is a great free tool that can be used for communication in small businesses and also in informal share screen not working


7. ooVoo

Initially designed as a tool for mobile use, ooVoo has grown to have PC versions. This software is akin to Skype in many ways. One of its key unique features is its integration with Facebook. This feature is definitely welcome for most users who use the social media platform to conduct business in one way or another. ooVoo is a free tool that is massively gaining new users with each passing day due to its simplicity and straightforwardness. The tool is one of the best video conferencing tools for multi-platform use and small groups’ communication. The tool pushes limited ads to its video chat apps




ezTalks:Top Samepage Alternatives for Online Collaboration

Samepage is an example of such apps. It allows you to chat as a team and share content simultaneously. It allows you to work in teams of 10 or smaller, keeps your chat history for a month, and supports voice and video calls.

If you are looking for an alternative to Samepage, there are top five apps to choose from. It does not matter the reason as to why you want to switch, be it for a better online experience or the need for a new app. The top Samepage alternatives are ezTalks Cloud Meeting, Slack, Azendoo, Asana, and not working

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This Samepage alternative comes with both free and paid for versions. ezTalks Cloud Meeting Starter plan is free and accommodates up to 100 participants. Premium plan need to be paid. Nonetheless, even with the Starter option, there is a lot you can do in terms of real time videoconference

It is easy scheduling collaborative sessions. Participants get email notifications with links. You are able to join the session by clicking the link and contribute to whatever is going on. If you are the host, you can share screen remotely so that all participants can be seen virtually. The online whiteboard tool is big enough for sharing of ideas. You can also make online presentations. It is easy and fast, and works perfectly on Android devices, iPad, iPhone, Windows PC and Mac.alternatives to google hangouts

ezTalks Cloud Meeting has a clear layout, ensuring easy navigation. As the host of a project discussion, you can mute participants, text with one or all participant(s) in the meeting room and end the session whenever need be.

samepage alternative

2. Slack

This Samepage alternative makes collaboration a lot easier in an organization. It provides video and voice call features to enrich online communication. This enables you to send customized notifications to any member of the team involved. Besides, it works well with other online collaboration tools (for example Google Hangouts, Asana and Trello) and office conferencing companies

It is usable on phones, tablets, and desktops. Slack features channels where discussions are held. You can set up a channel or join one through a link. It allows person-to-person communication and group communication. Whatever content you share back and forth can be searched on Slack, which makes retrieval faster.

samepage alternatives

3. Azendoo

As an alternative to Samepage, Azendoo has some great features. It will give you a fresh team collaboration experience. It is a useful app for project coordinators. If you are one, you do not need face-to-face meetings to monitor the progress of your team. Besides, your team members can always contact you from wherever they are. You can always create lists of tasks in order of urgency. This way, you keep your team focused on what needs to be done when and why. With a dashboard, you can know if your colleagues are on the right track.teamviewer alternatives

It is possible to be in several teams by using the same app. It is simple setting them up. For example, as a manager of a company, you can be in both departmental and managerial teams to track progress in your organization. With Azendoo, you share documents and learn from each other. It is also connected to other apps such as Twitter. In this way it is easier to communicate with stakeholders and attending to their needs in real time. With a free 30-day trial, find out if this alternative to Samepage is right for your team or not.

alternative to samepage

4. Asana

This is a great Samepage alternative. It is easy to use and free to sign up. Coming up with a team is an easy thing to do. It is suitable for any kind of task, be it simple or complex. You can share a variety of files through links and not emails. This reduces spam problems.

Every team player knows his or her task and that of others. This prevents confusion, fostering effectiveness and timely completion of assignments or projects. You can know how far other people are on the project because it keep posting their progress. Conversations are productive since everyone has an equal chance to participate.


ezTalks Onion opens the video conferencing intelligent hardware era in 2016 Clouds Congress

Recently, one of the world’s largest science and technology event – Yunqi Conference successfully ended, from 58 countries and regions, more than 40,000 science and technology elite live participants, more than 7 million people online viewing live conference, from around the world 400 technology companies show cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, dry goods full. Many media attention to the General Assembly, the whole report.

EzTalks was invited to attend the event and released the first cloud conference smart hardware at the conference. As a subversion of the traditional video conferencing products, ezTalks Onion has a unique six-in-one lightweight design, high-definition large-angle video images, 1 minute installation and deployment, 3 minutes to use and other features, open video conferencing has become as simple as calling, So that users completely bid farewell to the traditional video conferencing complex, difficult to use.
“0 yuan purchase, hardware free”, 299 / month pricing, so that the traditional video conference that unattainable deployment costs become the past. Without the need for professional IT staff management and maintenance, and truly help users spend money on the blade, spent on video conferencing services.
During the show, ezTalks Onion also attracted a number of participants in the media and customer attention. Hangzhou TV, Sina, flying as the network, the Internet, CCID, computer newspaper, daily business newspaper and other media on the ezTalks Onion for a special report. Among them, Hangzhou TV station on the ezTalks also conducted an exclusive interview.
IDC predicts that the next five years, China’s online conference market will continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum, cloud “video” will become a lot of information business system in a capacity, can be invoked at any time by the application, the future growth space will be far Higher than the traditional hardware video conferencing, cloud video conferencing will be applied to more and more applications in the scene.

This time, ezTalks Onion release to the outside world, the future of video conferencing terminal will be integrated, anyone will use, anyone can afford the product. At the same time, to connect the cloud, to provide users with anytime, anywhere service.

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ezTalks: video conferencing to help enterprises stand out from the competition

The era of information fragmentation is more concerned about the importance of efficiency, especially in the enterprise, it can be said that efficiency is the soul of an enterprise. Competition in the commercial market is dynamic and changing, companies want to stand out in such competition, improve efficiency is the key, and only continue to improve efficiency, enterprises in the development of the wave can be invincible.

conference clipart -
                                                               conference clipart

Want to improve the efficiency of internal operations, improve communication efficiency is one of the essential links. Collaborative office is the office that every business needs, especially inter-departmental collaboration. Many companies, for cost reasons, will arrange some functional departments in different places, but a lot of work is the need for multiple departments to complete the collaboration, so the problem followed. In this case ezTalks video conference to provide network communications audio and video integration of the overall solution, and easy to operate, in the PC or mobile phone click on the installation of ezTalks video conferencing software, microphone or speaker headset, you can immediately open a meeting for Enterprise, ezTalks software video conferencing is undoubtedly a time to improve efficiency “IT revolution”.

conference clipart

EzTalks video conferencing software using the world’s leading H.264 coding technology and cloud computing technology, the highest resolution of up to 1080P industry’s highest standards, multi-group high-performance service area dynamic cluster deployment, more than 80 countries and regions, at the same time, ezTalks meeting It is a simple and easy to use, clear and smooth, safe and stable, multi-terminal use and other characteristics, is the best choice for users of video conferencing needs of the user, such as audio and video interactive, electronic whiteboard, document and multimedia sharing and many other powerful features in one

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ezTalks: three major functions to enhance the experience of videoconferencing

I believe we have used video conferencing, remote training, recording live broadcast products, the use of the process, you most afraid to see what?

Scenario 1: Password is wrong
Scene 2: function so much, but will not use
Scene three: I have not decided to buy which, just want to compare the experience of several products first
Scene 4: I have bought, is being used, you can have a function how to use suddenly forgotten, I need the technology of remote assistance

These questions, we all think for everyone, we ezTalks has also been very attentive to the customer experience, online demo, online help, apply for a free trial, etc., is that we enhance the customer experience to do the design satisfaction.

Online demo

New to get started with a product, is not it would like to have a personal hand to teach you how to use?

EzTalks too understand you, in our windows system, Apple MAC system, Android system, Apple IOS system, ezTalks meeting terminal, etc., landing the conference start interface, while intimate access to the demo room, watch customer service online products Demonstration of the function, every Monday to Friday 8: 45-21: 00 will be received, Saturday 8: 45-18: 00 colleagues also provide presentation services.

online support

Yes, some users do not like to see other people demo, like their own to study, for such users, we have a landing interface to help the function, click, you can and technical brother online text exchange, look at the product manual And common problems. And we can record the operation of the video can be played. Users can also in this interface to our product manager to make recommendations for product improvement. Our 400-9900-967 is available for 7 * 24 hour technical support.

Free trial

We have interested in understanding our products to provide customers with free 3 days 5 account trial service, the user can, we in Andrews and Apple’s mobile phone software login interface, computer software Of the landing interface, apply for an enterprise free trial account, easy to complete the registration trial experience.

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ezTalks – Is Amazon Chime Right Video Conferencing Tool for You?

ezTalks – Is Amazon Chime Right Video Conferencing Tool for You?

The global online retailer Amazon’s push into web service space continued on Tuesday (February 14, 2017) with the launch of Chime, a video conferencing tool, aimed at business users. Apart from VoIP calling and video messaging, the giant’s Chime also includes virtual meetings, allowing users to host or join a remote online meeting via the video conferencing service on their own Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Amazon chime video conferencing tool

However, the tool is really suitable for you? Before you answer the question, please carefully consider the following four things.

First, a great video conference tool must provide a perfect audio & video effect.

As we know, we can use video conferencing to help us improve communications and efficiency. Yet, if the web conferencing tool we use is often stuck, it will just get the opposite. Besides, we also get a bad experience. At the present market, plenty of online meeting software exist such problems like unclear audio and video, delay response and so on. All-in-one video conferencing system like ezTalks Onion can better solve the problem. Its software can avoid the incompatibility with the peripherals, professional cameras and high-quality microphone guarantee a great audio & video effect.

Second, a reasonable price should also be considered in selecting a good video conferencing tool.

For small and medium enterprises, they don’t have enough budget to choose a hardware video conference tool, while the web conferencing software is always unstable with a bad effect, so an all-in-one video conference system can be the best choice. Compared with the traditional hardware video conferencing system, it has no incredible price. We only need to pay the part of hardware, and enjoy almost the same functions or even more, such as file presentation, audio & video sharing, live broadcast and interaction. More importantly, the devices can be placed flexibly, and no need to be put in a fixed meeting room like hardware video conferencing. In this point, all-in-one video conferencing system help users reduce costs, and it is cost-effective.

Third, an easy operation will give you an enjoyable user experience.

The traditional hardware video conferencing system is not easily operated. It will take a lot of time to debug the system before the meeting, as result the meeting may be forced to be cancelled because of debugging delay, which greatly influences the communications and efficiency. All-in-one video conferencing tool instead has an easy operation. It can be easily installed without any debugging, so it can be used to host online meetings with anyone anywhere. Users with an Android OS or iOS smartphone, PAD, Windows or Mac can quickly access the meeting.

And last but not least, a satisfied video conference tool must be feature-rich.

For small and medium businesses, a feature-rich video conferencing tool is necessary. All-in-one video conferencing system like ezTalks Onion delivers easy, professional and feature-rich online conferencing services to make business video collaboration easier than ever. It has a powerful data exchange capability, includes instant screen and content sharing, file sharing and transmission, innovative whiteboard, cross-platform chat, recording and playback, etc, which can fully meet your demand for rich functions.

Selecting a perfect video conferencing tool for your needs can be a difficult task. Now there are various video conference solutions in the market for all different purposes. If you think clearly about your needs and know exactly what you want to achieve from video conferencing system, you can find a right one.