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V-Berth project

Originally our V-berth had shelves running along each side. One on the starboard side and two on the port side. As far as storing things went, they sucked. Nothing stayed put under sail. A small bit of heel and just about everything would end up off the shelf on on the bunk. All you could […]

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Day of the Joker

If you have been reading this blog, you already know that marine heads are different from household toilets in several meaningful ways, even if you live ashore.  If not, know this:  the marine head must pump the bowl contents up with a minimal amount of water, rather than flushing the contents down with prodigious quantities […]

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Video | Dual Use Foot Pump

When we first moved aboard Camille, we added a freshwater foot-pump to our galley sink so we would have a backup if our pressure waterpump failed. The foot-pump also helps us conserve water and electricity while at anchor. But we haven’t used it much. A cardinal rule of living aboard is that everything needs to serve at least two functions, so our […]

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Middle-aged boat? Time for an inspection

For people, middle age begins at around 40. With boats, it’s about the 10-year mark, according to national recreational boating group BoatUS. And for both, it signals a time when age begins to show and a little more effort is needed to stay in shape. For boats that are decades old, that means taking a […]

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