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A rudder is born

As the FedEx Freight truck rumbled its way into Canal Boatyard yesterday, I was high atop a ladder swirling wax into Yahtzee’s gel coat. When I turned and saw it, I nearly fell down the rungs in excitement. And I was so giddy that my signature was unrecognizable on the receiving papers. Watching our sweet new baby being lifted […]

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Charging away from the dock

One of the biggest challenges with my old DC power system was apparent when away from the dock. Grace has a Yanmar engine with a factory alternator, which on a good day output 30 amps into the battery bank. Not only was this not enough for the new bank, but the regulator was not programmable and would damage […]

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Power made easy: Airship’s electrical upgrades

Before our 5-month trip up the Inside Passage to Alaska aboard Airship, we did some major upgrades to Airship’s electrical power system. Now, after five solid months on the boat – mostly away from marinas, here is a summary of how the system performed, what we learned, and what our “ideal” power system might look […]

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