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The 500 feet of float space fills up quickly during the summer, but late arrivals need not worry since rafting is mandatory. (Photo by Martin Dale)

Destinations: Timelessness in Shoal Bay

Here’s our latest installment from friend and guest columnist Jim Burgoyne of…  Standing at the end of the public wharf, looking beyond Shoal Bay, across Cordero Channel and north up Phillips Arm, the view is about as lovely and dreamlike as they get in the Discovery Islands. Then you turn around, look up at the East Thurlow Island […]

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Rounding Cape Caution

As the week ended, we left Shearwater and motored down to Sea Otter Inlet, an all-weather anchorage, off Fitz Hugh Sound to wait out more gale-force winds. By Friday morning, Environment Canada had bumped that up to storm-force but if anything moved through our area (it did), we didn’t notice. We swung a bit at […]

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Thanks for the memories

Leaving Bishop Bay* and sailing down Princess Royal Channel, the stretch of water that separates the island of the same name from the mainland, we struggled to find help from the current despite the fact that it was supposed to be in our favour. Our destination, Bottleneck Inlet off Finlayson Channel, laid 55 miles away […]

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Refuge Cove throws down a rustic, somewhat faded welcome mat that has a touch of magic felt from the moment you step ashore. (Photo by K Rad)

Refuge Cove spells relief

For most, the “refuge” in Refuge Cove refers to the cover it offers from cold winter winds. To some, bursting at the seams with brilliant insights amassed while bobbing in the lonely anchorages of Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands, it means relief. Indeed, you will be hard pressed to find a more congenial spot to share your collection […]

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