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From the galley: Sea Asparagus Grilled Salad

While cruising the beautiful waters of British Columbia, we’ve long noticed the green, string-looking plant known as sea asparagus that grows wild along the many tidal shores that we explore. Last summer, our cruising buddy Chris Troutner pointed out that the plant is edible and it took us until recently when we saw it as […]

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Ice box upgrade

I’m ruined. I like being productive, but it does not trump other needs in my life like sailing, or walking in the woods, or being creative for the sake of being creative. Or blogging for that matter, which explains why this website has been so quiet. To offset my programming marathon and just ‘unplug’, I […]

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And the winner of the Northwest Cruiser’s Cook-Off is…

When we started the Three Sheets Northwest/Fisheries Supply Northwest Cruiser’s Cook-Off last fall and put out the call for your favorite recipes to cook aboard, we didn’t realize two things: 1) That we’d have so many great submissions. And 2) That it would be so difficult to stage an actual cook-off. The final cook-off event has hit […]

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Jane’s Crab Chowder

So it’s January and you still have some crabs in the freezer. They’re too old to enjoy steamed…  what do you do?  You could make crab cakes… again.  Or… You could make Jane’s Crab Chowder! Jane’s Crab Chowder Two slightly freezer burned Dungeness crabs, still frozen. Two cups water Three tbsp olive oil One medium […]

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