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How to fix wet rot

When I decided to highlight some of the jobs we’ve done aboard Cambria over the years, I’d planned on posting them in chronological order. That being the case, my next blog entry should be about installing a central heating system. But it’s a hectic time of year and I simply haven’t had the time to […]

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Planning a cruise to BC? Here’s what you need to know about clearing customs (Video)

Every year boaters from Washington State venture across the border to beautiful British Columbia. For some, it’s just another passage along the way — one that has been done many times over. And for others, it’s a first time event that can bring about a slew of questions and anxieties. No matter if you’ve been across […]

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Do you have ports like this?

Storm windows? On a boat?

We use Eolian all winter long (at the dock anyway), therefore we heat her all winter long.  On houses, storm windows are used to provide an extra layer of insulation against the winter cold and weather.  If you have ports like these: …you can easily make and fit storm windows for them too!  I  don’t […]

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