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Chartlet from Salish Sea Pilot’s Cruising Guide to the San Juan Islands. Not to be used for navigation.

Destinations: The invisible harbor

Here’s our latest installment from friend and guest columnist Jim Burgoyne of…  Once a vigorous commercial fishing center, Mackaye Harbor is today a sleepy community at the south end of Lopez Island with holiday homes and small farms. The wide harbor has lots of room for secure anchorage, with convenient depths and good holding in mud. In […]

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Summer Cruising: Octopus Islands (Video)

For the second video in my summer cruising series, we visit Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park in British Columbia’s Discovery Islands.  Not necessarily an easy place to reach, requiring transit of at least one set of rapids coming or going, Octopus Islands offers a unique landscape and quiet, yet popular anchorages. Check out the video below […]

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Summer Cruising: Wallace Island (Video)

For the fourth video in my Summer Cruising Series, I visit Wallace Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  This is another very popular destination in the Gulf Islands that offers much to see and do.  I blame the nice weather, but I was surprised at the number of boats that were there during my visit, […]

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One of the mooring facilities for larger craft.

Portland’s play island at its best

On a hot Saturday afternoon in August, the cluster of islands collectively known as Government Island resemble a Pacific Northwest version of Coney Island. Heat rises from acres of sand. Waves lap on the shore. Sizable dunes beckon young climbers. Women in bikinis lie on blankets, guys man barbeques and kids splash in the river. […]

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5 Favorites: Marina Showers

This is the second in an ongoing series called “5 Favorites” in which we’ll explore a range of topics such as memorable anchorages, breweries, fun things to do, ports, beautiful places, pubs, days of sailing, meals to make aboard and much more. The aim is not to make a list of “bests,” but rather to provide an entertaining and insightful look […]

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