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Installing a wood burning stove

With the deck iron in place, it is time to work out the details of setting the stove in place and fitting the flue pipes. The enclosure from the original kerosene heater is lined in asbestos and requires some modification to make it more effective. Basically, the floor of the enclosure needed to be raised […]

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Rain, rain, go away

We departed from Scenery Cove in Thomas Bay at 0530 in a steady rain that lasted for 36 hours without interruption, reminding us how fortunate we had been the whole trip so far. This was the first of several intervals on the trip that would expose Ripple’s weakest cruising characteristic: it was nigh unto impossible […]

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Recruiting crew for the Inside Passage

As I planned my trip up the Inside Passage,  I hoped that others would sign on for a part of my voyage, though I fully expected to do significant chunks of the trip solo. I invited both my sons (Mathias and Brendan), as well as Wes, Pete, and Sam, each of whom I have known […]

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Following Shackleton’s watchwords

My son, Brendan, gave me a book that provided the meme for the trip on the Inside Passage. The book is a photographic essay and commentary on the Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1954. There is a quote in the book attributed to Ernest Shackleton, whose entrapment in Antarctic ice in the early 1900s and subsequent escape […]

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(Em)Bed-Well Harbour: Too much of a good thing

I have entered Canadian waters at Bedwell Harbour twice, and I have nothing but nice things to say about Canadian Customs.  Polite, considerate, and effective service, and if you arrive after hours, you can get clearance over the phone (as is true for all marine Canadian points of entry as far as I know).  We […]

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Go with the boat you have

Every sailor in the Pacific Northwest thinks about the Inside Passage.  It isn’t circumnavigation, it isn’t even blue-water sailing, and you’re never really out of sight of land.  Oh… and there is not really even that much sailing to be done!  The local joke is that there are two kinds of boats on the IP… […]

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