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We’re not used to this

This much cold this early in the year is something we are just not accustomed to here in the Pacific Northwest. This is a bottle of Diet Coke that was left out on the deck because the refrigerator was full of Thanksgiving food. It was plenty cold out there – the Coke is frozen solid. […]

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Origami Kayak

This morning while walking down the dock, we passed a gentleman pushing a dock cart with two unusual looking packages in it.  So of course we stopped to talk to him.  It seems that he had just purchased (at REI, in Seattle) a pair of ORU Kayaks.  And that was them in those suitcase-sized packages. […]

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Deck leak!

Deck leaks are the bane of boats.  TJ on The Retirement Project once remarked that he had difficulty seeing why a boat deck should leak more than a house roof.  Well, first of all, boat decks are virtually flat, and everyone knows that it is not trivial to keep water from finding its way thru […]

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Time Passes

In 1980 when our kids were just toddlers, I took this picture of this intriguing tree from Washington Park in Anacortes.  It was the occasion of our second trip to the San Juan Islands, and our very first ever boat charter (a Newport 28). 1980 We had occasion to be at Washington Park again this […]

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Micro-forecast iPhone App

An area like Puget Sound and the San Juans has many micro-climates. No “one size fits all” forecast is going to do a decent job. What you need is a micro forecast – one suited to just where you are. It’s not free, but for less than the cost of that last latte you bought, […]

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The mutiny of the Radar Officer

I’ve talked about our Radar setup aboard Eolian before.  And that setup worked out very well for us…  as long as it was a rare occasion that required Radar.  Down in Puget Sound, it was indeed a rare occasion. But not so rare up here north of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, when crossing […]

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