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NOAA’s secret weather sites

Most sailors in the Seattle area are familiar with the West Point and Seattle NOAA weather sites on the internet. But did you know that those sites are only the tip of the iceberg so to speak of the over 16,000 NOAA weather observation sites. There is one at the Alki Lighthouse in West Seattle for […]

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Dead Tired: Tips for preventing and dealing with fatigue on the water

Tired, lack of sleep and environmental stress factors (sun, heat, cold, vessel movement) are often overlooked by recreational boaters as well as professional mariners and this can contribute to accidents on the water. A person who has been awake for 17 hours faces the same risk of a crash as a person who has a BAC reading of 0.05 […]

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Olympic Coast survey provides data for multiple uses

Resource surveys are not new to NOAA NOAA has been doing resource surveys since the 1800’s. Some of the surveys from the 1800’s are now being used to help rehabilitate oyster beds using the original surveys showing where oysters used to live before we messed up the resource. Coastal planners, fishery managers, and oceanographic researchers […]

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