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A peaceful weekend at English Camp

A pig. America and Great Britain nearly went to war over a pig. They didn’t of course, otherwise we’d surely have read about it in some history class or we’d be drinking a lot more tea right now. On Friday, as we dropped the hook in Garrison Bay off English Camp on San Juan Island, we could […]

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dad's weekend

On a dad’s cruise, everyone wins

Here’s the short story first: two dads and their sons went sailing for a weekend and nobody got seriously injured, missed their mom too much, cried for very long or fell in the water. Also, despite the fact that the boys constantly claimed they were hungry, everyone was well fed. Here’s the longer version: I watched […]

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Wind and sun

Patience with the sailing plan pays off

We were about halfway across a gray, windless Strait of Juan de Fuca when a westerly breeze filled in and the sun broke through the various levels of clouds above the Olympic Mountains. For the past few days we’d been monitoring the movements of rain and wind brought on by a Pineapple Express that was […]

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