Re-caulking teak decks

Since we’ll be putting Cambria on the market soon, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the work we’ve done over the years in a series of blog posts. The first one covered stripping the anti-foul off the hull, down to the gelcoat, and building it back up and can be read here.

When we bought Cambria in October of 2003, she was only five years old but already showing signs of wear on the the teak decks. Sun and weather had damaged the black caulking, breaking it down to a tar-like substance in some places and a chalky-powder in others. It needed to be replaced and, because David was working at the time, I was in charge of the project (or at least all of the grunt work).

Removing the caulking was the most logical place to start but left us with a very important question: What tool do we use?


Read the full post on SV Cambria.

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