Mosquito Fleet Monday: The ELIZA ANDERSON and Capt. McAllep


“The ELIZA ANDERSON was typical of her age and line of work, being an inland steamboat, circa 1850. Mechanically she was typical, for she was powered by a massive, single-cylindered engine that transmitted power to a pair of side-wheels by way of a diamond-shaped iron walking-beam that nodded sedately in its gallows frame atop her hurricane deck. In addition, the ELIZA ANDERSON had a salty, crusty character, one she shared with a long line of owners and skippers.

A few very old-timers along the Northwest waterfronts remember the Old ANDERSON in her later years and delight in the legends that grew up around her and her doughty masters:

‘Do you mind the time Cap’n McAllep was on the ANDERSON?’ the yarn begins. ‘I was with him one night and it was blowin’ great guns. We were making a desperate try to get into Deception Pass. The old packet had on a big load of freight and quite a passel of passengers. Included in the freight were seven pianos, eight head of cattle, and a dozen barrels of whiskey.

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