How to fix wet rot


When I decided to highlight some of the jobs we’ve done aboard Cambria over the years, I’d planned on posting them in chronological order. That being the case, my next blog entry should be about installing a central heating system. But it’s a hectic time of year and I simply haven’t had the time to write anything up, so I have to resort to one that’s already been written which means this week the blog’s all about the propane locker (you can read the original post here).

In May of 2014, David went into the propane locker to change out tanks and got more than he bargained for – wet rot! Even though the propane locker could easily fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category until it’s time to change a tank, we saw a boat blow up from a propane leak once and have bordered on being obsessive when it comes to the entire system ever since – from the locker to the stove.  Despite that, we never felt compelled to take a screwdriver to the base to check for rot. Otherwise, we would have noticed the problem much sooner.

The biggest surprise isn’t that this happened but that didn’t happen years ago because the original design was less than ideal.

Read the full post on SV Cambria.


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