A machine shop on a boat? You bet!

For the first few months aboard, every attempt to fabricate a part involved clearing a tiny space on the bench, plugging in a funky desk light, and trying to find tools that I had just seen only minutes before. This was demoralizing, so I finally fixed it. This post is a quick look at the Datawake machine shop.


First to put this in context, there are five tech “workspaces” aboard this 50-foot boat, each optimized for a different class of projects:

  1. I spend most of my time slouched at the Workstation, which is adjacent to the two console segments that have the most frequently needed controls (Audio and Communications gear). This has all the essentials, including an Aeron chair, foot massager, boom mics for recording, and the Mac with Thunderbolt monitor.
  2. A few feet away to port is the Media Desk, which contains the movie scanner, 3D printer, office equipment, and 8 full-suspension file drawers. This is the place for paperwork, publishing projects, and other things that require an open work surface.
  3. Back at the console is the Electronics Lab, with 18U of rack space filled with test equipment (oscilloscope, bench supplies, signal sources, DMM, small-instrument drawer, outlets, and ports to ship networks).

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