Kingston: A little charmer


Plans were afoot here to write a blog post about the anchorage and facilities at Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula, a ferry ride across Puget Sound from Edmonds.

We intended to get to it. Really we did.

But then David and Stephanie, the crew of Cambria, posted a delightful blog about the Kingston they love. It was positive and fun, as usual, so we felt compelled to finally touch on Kingston’s moorage opportunities without stepping, hopefully, too clumsily on Cambria’s toes.

There is no reason sailors must stop at Kingston. It has a marina, a supermarket, bakeries, bars, a public library and oodles of fast food outlets, but lots of places do. Ferry traffic gives it a feeling of a rush to get in and get out.

Read the full post of Salish Sea Pilot.

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