Network connections to navigation software

In anticipation of our new Starpath eNav Trainer (an integrated, multi-vessel GPS, AIS, VHF, and heading sensor simulator), we have here a few notes on how to make a network connection to your navigation software.
The process is very similar for all software, with differences only on how you access the needed input screens. Then each program has separate ways to verify the connections. The use of network connections in navigation software is increasing, because more instruments offer this option to interface onboard sensors as well as make external Internet connections for various aspects of actual navigation.
In this case, we are using this connection to provide a powerful training tool that will help mariners learn and master the special features of their navigation software of choice, and then go on to provide practice with realtime interactions with other simulated vessels viewed as AIS targets. With it you can also learn more about AIS protocol as well as study collision avoidance with AIS targets. The AIS targets studied can be either those provided by eNav or live AIS signals received by another connection.

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