Stuck in reverse: Ford’s Terror to Dawes Glacier to Endicott Arm Cove


No bears this morning, but we’re on a schedule and must move on. High water slack was in the early afternoon. We made it out without difficulty, although we were quite a bit early and fought about 4 knots of current.

As we left, the Island Spirit mini cruise ship (130′ long) was waiting to enter. This is the third time I’ve left Ford’s Terror this season, and the Island Spirit has been waiting to enter every time. Funny how our schedules converge.

Getting up to Dawes was easy again. Not much ice in the water until the last few miles. Tons of seals and pups hanging out on the ice. Dramatic scenery and rock formations. The weather wasn’t sunny, but it wasn’t rainy either. High overcast.

I maneuvered past the ice and a couple of small cruise ships until we were about a third a mile from the glacier face. Brendan and Maddie got the kayaks on the water and set off exploring.

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