Cruising distance guide from Seattle to nearby harbors

The author's boat anchored in a quiet local harbor.

The author’s boat anchored in a quiet local harbor.

The waters surrounding Seattle represent some of the best cruising grounds in the United States. Once you depart from the Ballard Locks, a vast world of harbors, marinas and anchorages open up to you and your vessel.

I learned to sail in Lake Union. As a novice, it took me a few years to get up the confidence to begin crossing Puget Sound and spending the night on anchor. But once I got the hang of it, I became obsessed with these waters. Every day I could get off work, I was out on the Sound, exploring some new bay. Sometimes, I would head into the protected waters of south Puget Sound but usually I was sailing north up to Port Townsend and eventually the San Juan Islands. This area is unique in that there are so many places to spend the evening within a day’s journey from Seattle. Most of these harbors are quiet, scenic and sparsely populated.

To help other boaters plan out their sailing trips around Puget Sound, here is list of harbors and marinas and their distances from Seattle.

Distance: How many miles from Seattle to nearby harbors/marinas

(Distances are in miles nautical miles, starting at the Ballard Locks.)
Seattle to Eagle Harbor                                       5.5 nm
Seattle to Elliott Bay (Bell Harbor)                    7 nm
Seattle to Kingston                                               7.5 nm
Seattle to Edmonds                                              8.5 nm
Seattle to Blake Island                                         9.5 nm
Seattle to Bremerton                                            15.5 nm
Seattle to Port Ludlow                                          23 nm
Seattle to Gig Harbor                                            24.5 nm
Seattle to Tacoma                                                  26.5 nm
Seattle to Quartermaster Harbor                       28.5 nm
Seattle to Everett                                                    29 nm
Seattle to Port Townsend                                      33 nm
Seattle to Oak Harbor                                            41 nm
Seattle to Friday Harbor (San Juan Island)      61 nm
(via Admiralty Inlet)

Seattle to Victoria (Vancouver Island)

(via Admiralty Inlet)                                              65 nm

I also created a webpage that lists all the distances and time required to journey from Seattle: Sailing Puget Sound: distance and time for popular crossings. I used Ballard Locks as a starting point for these trips. If you are moored down in Elliott Bay, I included a conversion factor to help you calculate an approximate estimate for your trip. Happy cruising!

By Kevin Curran


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